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2am: Lekna and Eve Lesedi craves a good moment on the disco-fused fresh start in love on Something New

Feeling that harsh blame from someone who has certainly changed for the worse, Lekna and Eve Lesedi drop a disco-fused-with-intent single to wipe all tears away with on Something New.

Lekna is a Kingston Upon Thames, UK-based indie pop music producer/guitarist and is joined by Eve Lesedion on this rather dynamic track.

His inspirations vary from the likes of ZZ Top, B.B. King, Nile Rodgers to Kygo and Charlie Puth. He produces his own music from his home studio in his bedroom.” ~ Lekna

Navigating us through the deep emotion and laying bare the real feelings, Lekna and Eve Lesedi summon the romance Gods and have made something rather extraordinary and genuine here. This is music to heal with you see?

Something New from Kingston Upon Thames, UK-based indie pop music producer/guitarist Lekna and Eve Lesedi is a track that reminds us that love can be harsh sometimes. Showing us the mood of someone who knows that a formally hot romance is dead, as we feel the pain of feeling like valuable time has been wasted.

When you know it’s fully over, the time to close the door is now right?

Hear this fine track on SoundCloud and see more news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Tropic house fuses with blues in Lekna’s latest single, ‘Want It’, featuring Liel Bar-Z.

London-based EDM producer and guitarist, Lekna’s latest single, ‘Want It’, may unravel as a definitive tropical house mix, but pay close attention to the shimmering melodies, and you will find that the notes pull themselves up from the roots of blues.

Liel Bar-Z’s mesmerising vocals don’t dominate the mix, instead, the harmonic effect-laden vocal notes seem to seamlessly breathe around the ardent and arrestive beats that will make sure that your rhythmic pulses are interconnected with the bassline far before the drops start to open up aural rabbit holes beneath you.

With plenty more mixes locked and loaded, and plans to release an EP in 2022, Lekna deserves a spot on your radar.

Want It will be available to stream from June 4th. You’ll be able to check it out for yourselves by heading over to Soundcloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast