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Legion Vibes releases two singles Honesty and Hard to Get

Legion Vibes has released two recent singles ‘Honesty’ and ‘Hard to Get’, two diverse vocal tones, a combination of Hip-Hop and Rap and a powerful use of emotion.

With these two pieces, there is something that stands out and that is the way in which the beat goes that bit louder than the vocals, it works in this aspect, the words that are sung are almost like a cry out as they settle into a slight fade from the beat. The deep emotion that you hear immerse through the lyrics, the way the melody creates this overpowering suspenseful sound, it all connects so well together.

From a fast pace Rap, to a female mellow vocal tone emerging out of the beat as they begin to reach the high notes, having that combination of being a Rap to a more Pop vocal style, works perfectly these two tracks have something so special and the way that the rhythm and the tones go hand in hand is so impressive.

Legion Vibes have created two outstanding pieces of music and ones that many will connect with. Really looking forward to what they create next.

Listen to Legion Vibes two pieces Honesty and Hard to Get by heading over to Beatchain now.

Review by Karley Myall