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Modern Soul fashion pulling on dance vibes: Lee Harris’ release ‘All To Me’

Well-rounded entertainer, dancer and singer Lee Harris has released his track ‘All To Me’, a captivating slow-beat R&B effort.

It feels like you could easily get into a club and hear Harris perform in the background, and it would definitely be a show you would hit the dancefloor to. ‘All To Me’ delves into dynamic beats and sing-along choruses in a modern Soul fashion, pulling on dance vibes and passionate vocals.

Through looped rhythmic sections and synths creating a range of harmonies to accompany his vocals, ‘All To Me’ is about the struggle of committing to a relationship, a relationship he wants to fight for when singing “I don’t want a piece, just give your all to me.”

Head over to YouTube and listen to ‘All To Me’.

Review by Jim Esposito.