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You’re The Best: Norwegian singer-songwriter KID 2 drops excellent single Led Astray

Dropping her favorite single off her debut EP, The Loud Noise of Your Spine, KID 2 opens up the door to that find a depressed soul who has forgotten who they really are on Led Astray.

KID 2 is a Brighton, UK-based Norwegian singer-songwriter who makes those moody atmospheric tunes you can’t possibly turn down.

Music is an incredibly visual experience for me. If I hear something brand new and unique to my ears, I will forever see the places where I first heard the song as well as the scenery my mind created from listening that day. It is the same when I write my own songs, and whether I am rehearsing in my living room or playing on a stage, I will see those places in my mind’s eye.” ~ KID 2

With an important message for us all to learn from, KID 2 is rather outstanding on Led Astray and shows impressive poise and delivery throughout this extraordinary single.

Led astray is about self-destructiveness. It is about not coming to terms with past mistakes and adding to them.” ~ KID 2

Led Astray from Brighton, UK-based Norwegian singer-songwriter KID 2, is a stunningly emotional single which might take your breath away. The delightful vocals on offer are so exquisite that it’s easy to get lost inside, on this quality release with so many incredibly deep lyrics to intertwine inside.

Get inside this experience here and see more vibes on her Twitter.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen