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Laura Tanifum

Laura Tanifum smashes stereotypes in her RnB Trap track, ‘Sugar Cane’.

RnB Hip Hop fans will want to turn their attention to Laura Tanifum’s fierily melodious standout single, Sugar Cane. The Canadian singer-songwriter and rapper made her debut in 2019; in 2021, she’s coming into her own as increasing numbers of fans are scouting her out for her sweet yet subversive tracks.

With Sugar Cane, she plays around with the notion of female stereotypes and proves that there’s plenty more to women beyond the sweet and superficial facades while the trap beats grind through plenty of atmospheric reverb. It’s a stunning, almost-reminiscent-less release that puts Tanifum in good stead for her breakthrough from the independent underground.

You can check out Sugar Cane for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast