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James Baley – Moonwave: Lucid Lullabies

James Baley is a Dreampop connoisseur, his debut track Moonwave has definitely caught our attention; the lucid and transcendental style is something that all music lovers are going to want to get behind. The Toronto based singer and songwriter is unambiguously blessed with musical talent, his work has been in the public arena since a very young age which has given him a plethora of time to perfect his sound and the ability to convey his emotion through the music.

As a song writer Baley encapsulates the sound behind his spirituality and devotion to his family to send a strong message of divine sensibility and passion behind his lyrics. He takes influence from other strong vocalists such as Bjork, Lauren Hill and Ella Fitzgerald. His latest hit Moonwave speaks of his raw playfulness which projects through his music to create a distinctively atmospheric sound.

Baley has a unique lyrical styling and interesting elemental production which uses complex jarring effects over the vocals, I’m not usually a fan of overly dubbed vocals, but there’s just something so charming about the lyrics when put against such a lucid sound.

Check out James Baleys captivating hit Moonwave on the SoundCloud link below