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Oxford singer-songwriter Emma Hunter brought Latino Post-Punk to UK shores in her artfully augmented single, Guilty

If Iggy Pop is the Passenger, the Oxford singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist Emma Hunter is the driver in her biggest single and battle of conscience to date, Guilty, which hit the airwaves on September 29.

With her artful sonic signature scribed through her Flamenco guitars augmented with a brashy and garagey high-octane post-punk energy that will ensnare fans of Siouxsie Soux and Debbie Harry, this guilt-riddled and demon-parading evolution is a far cry from her former releases which reach the epitome of affectingly arresting.

Hunter’s new-found strident approach to enticing listeners into her conceptually cunning creativity will undoubtedly put her on the right trajectory towards the reverence she’s deserved from the outset. As much as the industry maintains that it favours authenticity and talent, her absence from the charts is a damning testament to their appetite for melodic monotony.

Stream Guilty via YouTube and Spotify and keep up to date with Emma Hunter’s new music via Facebook and Instagram. 

Review by Amelia Vandergast

A Beautiful Dove that Sings “No Mercy”

“No Mercy” by Paloma Amaya is a vibrant and dynamic bilingual track that seamlessly blends elements of Fiesta-dance and Broadway music. Paloma’s voice is simply stunning, matching her beauty as a woman and adding an extra layer of allure to the song’s lively rhythm. The song features both English and Spanish lyrics, showcasing Paloma’s ability to perform in multiple languages with ease.

The grinding horns at the end of the chorus add an extra level of energy to the song, creating a sound that’s impossible not to dance along with. The arrangement is well-crafted, with each element of the production coming together to create a cohesive and polished sound.

In her bio, Paloma Amaya shares her impressive background as a performer, having started her career at the young age of five in some of the biggest theatres in Vienna. She began writing her own music in 2020, and “No Mercy” is just one of the tracks she’s released since then. Paloma’s EP and music videos can be found on all major platforms, and she’s already performed her own music in Vienna and the UK.

“No Mercy” is a testament to Paloma’s talent as a singer-songwriter, with its infectious rhythm and catchy lyrics. The song’s combination of Fiesta-dance and Broadway music gives it a unique and memorable sound that’s impossible to forget. Paloma’s music is a celebration of her heritage, with bilingual lyrics that showcase her cultural identity in a way that’s both authentic and relatable.

“No Mercy” is both vibrant and sophisticated. Paloma’s stunning vocals, the grinding horns, and the lively rhythm make it a must-listen for anyone who appreciates high-quality music with a modern twist. Paloma’s talent as a singer-songwriter is evident in every note of “No Mercy,” and we can’t wait to hear what she has in store for us next.

Marcosth3frog drops the heat for us to warm up inside on Tu Y Yo

Sizzling through the airwaves like a modern-day hero awaiting his claim for the top-tier echelon, Marcosth3frog gets the flow alive with ideas on the catchy new single to swim deeply into on Tu Y Yo.

Marcosth3frog is a Montreal, Canada-based indie Latino rapper who has recently evolved his sound and makes those soothing hits to be played on repeat.

Impressing from all angles and never letting us go for a second, Marcosth3frog is a majestic track with a party atmosphere and shall surge up our emotions, and get those sleepy feet tapping again.

With smooth vocals and a bustling beat to turn up a little or a lot, this is the kind of song which will cause beaming smiles to drift through the sunshine.

Tu Y Yo from Montreal, Canada-based indie Latino rapper Marcosth3frog is one of the catchiest singles available to our souls right now. There is so much to appreciate about a song with a real bounce and rhythm, which will alleviate all worries like a flick of a switch.

Listen up on SoundCloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Mia Laren is demurely devil may care in her cinematic Latino pop track, Careful

Starting with a scintillating spoken word verse which outlines the brutality of betrayal with devil-may-care demure beguile, Latino pop artist Mia Laren’s latest single, Careful, is a cinematic invitation into her hypnotically emboldening scorn.

With a music video that is somewhere between Westworld and Moulin Rouge exhibiting the artist’s professional dance training, few icons shine brighter than the Baltimore singer-songwriter and producer. Evidently, there’s no end to her superlative talents. After growing up in a musical family, she found her magnetically celestial voice at 10 before graduating from UMBC with a BA in dance. From there on out she found her calling; replicating her life experience through rhythmic dramatized depictions.

Watch the official music video for Careful on YouTube or add the track to your breakup playlists on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

The Latino fusionist, ROLF has released his most seductive track to date with OTRA NOCHE DE AMANTES

To follow on from his 2021 debut single, Soltera, the Latino alt-pop artist, ROLF unleashed his vibe-packed 6-track EP, ILUSIONES. For new fans to his seductively soulful style, OTRA NOCHE DE AMANTES is the ultimate introduction.

With the Spanish lyricism, for English monolingual minds, there’s an air of mystery. When the lyrics are translated, ROLF keeps his enigmatic allure which also resonates in his fusion of spacey ambient electronica, Latin pop, and RnB.

To amplify the demure energy, ROLF brought in jazz and rock nuances to ensure that you are well and truly transfixed by the outro. OTRA NOCHE DE AMANTES may be a short and sweet track, but considering that it delivers 2-minutes of aural bliss, it leaves nothing to be desired.

OTRA NOCHE DE AMANTES is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Light up your playlists with Latino Pop artist YXani’s latest single, Son Igual.

Since his 2019 debut, the Latino pop artist YXani has garnered plenty of hype with his intrinsically evocative signature style. His latest release, Son Igual, is a downtempo RnB ballad that lets sun-kissed tones bleed into the mix as a contrast to the melancholic undercurrent that flows right through this modernist contribution to the airwaves.

Unilingual English minds may not be able to easily abstract the meaning from the Spanish lyrics, but that does little to harken the emotional intensity of the stylish and soulful release.

YXani’s latest single, Son Igual, is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Look Into My Eyes: Mr. Relax brings the heat with love-packed Latino single ‘Tu DeMo’ (feat. D-Fish)

With a cheeky glint in the eye and with lots of smooth moves to get the heart beating faster, Mr. Relax brings us his brand new Latino love track to get those bodies grooving and moving with ‘Tu DeMo(feat. D-Fish).

Mr. Relax is a Latino artist who skillfully blends in Trap and Reggaeton and is a music producer/owner at SSL ProRecords.

Your DeMo is when you have just met someone very special and dedicate a romantic demonstration of yourself.” ~ Mr. Relax

This is dance-filled message about letting that person know that you are for real, as you move in closer and tell them exactly how you feel. There is a sonic energy here which fills the dimly lit club, as your style is full of no regrets to see if they are in the same vibe as you or not. With lots of classy sunglasses, romantically tones lyrics and sweaty bodies around, this has a lets-go-home-together vibe which brings you back to the old days at your local nightspot.

Tu DeMo(feat. D-Fish) from the Latino Trap/Reggaeton artist, music producer and record label owner Mr. Relax, is a sexy song all about showing that you are the right person for your future lover. Rapped, sung and danced with a sensual style and featuring lots of flashy visuals, this is a late-night track to put on when you want to impress that special someone.

See this exciting new music video on YouTube and see more via the FB music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Hope You Stay: North London’s 3000Wavier sings glowingly about the pretty girl from ‘Barcelona’

With his next hot album ‘Mega Drive III‘ getting that extra shine and almost ready to be seen by millions, 3000Wavier continues his upward ride to worldwide fame with a song that will have you smiling for days called ‘Barcelona‘.

Wavier aka 3000Wavier, is a dashing North London-based indie Latino singer-songwriter, who makes that happy type of music that has you putting your clean sunglasses on swiftly and heading away from the gloom, as you cruise into those fresh beaches overseas to meet your dream girl.

He sings with that daydreaming attitude, after being on the tough streets around he knows that he can’t be there for too much longer. The goals is alive inside, as he imagines her flowing long hair, cute smile and tanned skin. He wants her to stay and never leave his side as he is besotted by the idea of being with her and going for adventures all over, without worrying about anything else.

Barcelona‘ from the fast-rising North London singer-songwriter 3000Wavier, is that soothing song that is best listened to on the beach with a tasty beverage ready to be consumed. He sings with that crisply tuned vibe that lets you know that he will reach his dreams, as she waits for him eagerly on the beautiful beach in sunny Spain.

Stream this saucy new single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Blowing My Own Trumpet bring the sounds of Africa with ‘Umsindo’.

South African-hailing newcomers Blowing My Own Trumpet keep it in the family with their band formation; with their sound, they explore folk and Latino through tribal African rhythms. You’ll feel a rise in the temperature as soon as you hear the first few sun-bleached notes in the wholesomely eclectic track that will happily act as a guide to warmer climates for anyone who needs an escape from the cold chill of the UK winter.

Umsindo was the first track released from the band’s debut album of the same title. Umsindo, the single, is now available to stream via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Paper Eros gives us a perfect latin-pop take on ‘Hate Love Me’

With what may be our favourite track title and cover art so far this week, Paper Eros is a Toronto-based alt-pop artist focusing on the relationship between domination and submission and pain and comfort, with the motto ‘Love, Art, and Rebellion’; ‘Hate Love Me’ starts with a vaguely latin-style guitar line before Eros’ smokey vocal kicks in, sultry and low, enticing and seductive all at once.

There’s a latin-pop feel to the track, that ‘Despacito’/’Bailando’/’Danza Kuduro’ vibe that’s evocative of sunny days and sweaty, sexy nights. With its lyrics of a passion-filled night, the samba rhythms, and the Latin-style instrumentation and arrangement, ‘Hate Love Me’ is a killer dance-pop song that – if there’s any justice in the world – ought to be all over the radio this summer-time.

Check out Paper Eros on Spotify, or on Facebook.

Review by Alex Holmes