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GRLD II Latest Release ‘Late Bloomer” Will Immediately Grab You

GRLD II is a musical project with an uplifting and edgy attitude. Their recent release, “Late Bloomer” immediately grabs a listener’s interest with its interesting vibes and experimental approach to hip-hop. With this unique song, GRLD II makes me think of rap collectives such as Odd Future or Death Grips, artists who also have a rather unconventional approach to hip-hop.

“Late Bloomer” is built upon some unique layers of music that have a very dynamic feel. At times, there would only be a lonely clap track sustaining everything, while in other occasions, there would be a powerful low end thump and some amazing layer of synths, making for a really special approach.

The vocal performances are really the star in this production, giving the song its distinctive edge and personality above all. One of the things I really enjoy about this particular tune is certainly the cool kalimba / thumb piano style samples, which add some quirky melodies to the beat.