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Othenic borrowed from the Beastie Boys while tracking the warp speed of the human experience with ‘Last’

If you chiselled an indie pop edge into the legacy of a discography belonging to the Beastie Boys, you’d be left with a sonic sculpture bearing a striking reminiscence to Othenic’s latest single, Last.

With a touch of Crazy Town’s Butterfly written into the alternative mix of indie, pop, and hip-hop, the alt-90s nostalgia within Last is arrestingly potent. While the angular staccato guitars lend themselves to melodic mesmerism, Othenic reflects on how the human experience moves at a warp speed and leaves us questioning how the innocence of youth slips us by and catapults us into the monotony of corporate reality.

“Life’s too short, you might as well make it last” may seem like a simple lyric, but lean into it deeper within the context of the track and you’ll see a testament to the Kentucky-Cincinnati-based artist’s proficiency with wordplay.

Last was officially released on October 19; stream the single on Spotify and follow Othenic on Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Plymouth-based psychedelic folk act Drakes Island show us that something undiluted can actually ‘Last’

With a wistful look at something so special that has stood the test of time despite the missiles that could have broken it in half forever, Drakes Island is in scintillating form with a nostalgic single to truly embrace closely with the human of your dreams on, ‘Last‘.

Drakes Island is a Plymouth, UK-based 4-piece indie psychedelic folk band that makes a wholesomely delightful sound that puts you into a better state of mind from whatever challenges you are facing.

Their sound has been compared to artists such as A Blaze of Feather, Pink Floyd and Bears Den.” ~ Drakes Island

Drakes Island might be your new favourite band to look forward to after a long day of mind-numbing work. They remind us that it is actually possible to love like you deserve if two souls may connect as one and vow to be real with each other always no matter what. Soaring gracefully with only uncorrupted goodness and sweet butterfly kisses, this is a gorgeous single and one fit to be revered in any era.

Last‘ from Plymouth, UK-based 4-piece indie psychedelic folk band Drakes Island is a memoir about how a relationship that you hoped would be what you would be looking for, actually was better than you even comprehended. There is a serene daydream on offer here that will possibly find you smiling so calmly, as you close your exhausted eyes and feel so grateful for anything you have that has actually lasted the test of time. Sung with a tranquil style that has you moving your tired head slowly, this is a superb single made with that hygienic love to truly savour.

Hear this lovely new release on Soundcloud and see their vibe evolve on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

A Heart To Heart: London/New York-based gem Louise Aubrie finds it too hard to resist that special time together on the excellent ‘Ours’

After highly impressing us all with her ear-warming single from June 2021 named ‘Last‘, Louise Aubrie returns with a special track all about that natural love which just takes over your mind, body and soul, with her memorable guitar-riff powered new single called ‘Ours‘.

Louise Aubrie is a dual New York City and London, England-based indie rock/pop artist who is on the impressive Carrot Bone Records lineup. She is a well-respected and prolific musician who makes that type of music which has you singing loudly and pretending that you are with her playing guitar on stage. Such is her warmly-lit energy to entertain, you will feel utterly compelled to turn her music up to the max.

Recorded at Studio 55 and RFL Studios in London, it features Frank Horovitch on guitars, Boz Boorer on guitars, keys and percussion, Andy Woodard on drums and bass, and Roger Joseph Manning Jr on guest keys. It is produced by Andy Woodard, mixed by Ken Sluiter and mastered by Dave Collins in Los Angeles, CA.” ~ Louise Aubrie

You feel her genuine smile ease sweetly through the happy speakers as she sings lovingly about this wonderful human who has taken her to a world which is so exciting and safe, as she feels like doing things she wouldn’t normally do with anyone else.

Ours‘ from London/New York-based indie rock/pop solo artist Louise Aubrie, is one of the best tracks you will hear all year. Her lusciously elegant vocals strikes your glowing heart beautifully as you admire her smartly-penned lyrics, which are all blended together with a sensational soundscape. This stupendous release takes you places you have felt before, but somehow seems all new inside your glowing eyes.

This is that top notch superlative music vibration we all needed after such darkly-lit days of gloom, that has you beaming with that rarely-felt fulfilled joy.

Stream this excellent new single on Spotify and see more via her Twitter.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen