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Electro-chanson meets 00s Britpop in Laptop Singers’ single, Le Love featuring Judy St. Clarke

Here to perpetuate the myth that there’s something in Sweden’s waters that breeds pop legends is Gothenburg’s brother duo, Laptop Singers, with their latest single, Le Love, featuring the Nashville singer Judy St. Clarke.

Before Le Love swings you back to Paris in the 60s, it makes a brief pitstop in charted by Garbage and The Cardigans 90s Britpop territory, leaving ample room for modernity to reflect in the lyricism that makes no bones about getting to grips with the tantamount of the tribulation.

The era-mashing yet juxtaposingly timeless single comes with more than just a pinch of electro-pop panache. The endlessly inviting demure soul from Judy St. Clarke against the electrically reverberating keys, high-energy guitars, and absurdity-embracing lyrics makes the chaos of 2022 worth enduring.

Here’s what Laptop Singers had to say about their sticky-sweet escapist release:

“This song is inspired by listening to lots of French music, both old classics from the 60´s, like Francoise Hardy, and new French indie pop like Bon Entendeur and L’Impératrice. It´s an uptempo, guitar-based song about youthful energy, love, and confusion right in the middle of 2022!”

Le Love is now available to stream on Spotify.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

Laptop Singers appeal to the loveless in their smooth electro-pop hit, Are You Ready for Love? Featuring Roger Arvidson

The Swedish electro-pop duo, Laptop Singers, got even more lavish with the soul in their latest single, Are You Ready for Love?, Featuring Roger Arvidson.

It easily parallels Elton John’s song with the same title for the soul it spills, but it is so much more than your average “everyone be happy summer single”. The gentle protest against cheap thrills shows compassion for the endemic of the defiantly loveless.

The sultry, smoothed electro-pop ballad taps into the modern issue of rejecting lasting affection for meaningless gratification with a classic touch while the self-produced single indoctrinates the lush electronic textures brought about by this era.

The brother duo, consisting of Lars and Per Andersson, have had 30 years of Swedish pop practice. By the time they got round to penning Are You Ready for Love and bringing it to life as a courtesy of Roger Arvidson’s timelessly soulful pop vocals, they knew exactly how to hit the ground swooning.

Are You Ready for Love? is now available to stream on Spotify.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

Swedish pop act Laptop Singers leads us away from any contaminated rays of doom with, ‘Time for a change’ (feat. Chris Con)

Bringing us a song about taking steps in a positive direction and with a clear mind, Laptop Singers urge us to awaken our lungs as we look above to those frolicking birds and take in a deep breath with, ‘Time for a change(feat. Chris Con).

Formally known as Smile, Laptop Singers is a Gothenburg, Sweden-born indie-pop brother duo who makes that harmonious music that has your ears alive with excitement.

The two brothers have had a number of different music projects throughout the years, but for the last couple of years, they focus solely on their group Laptop Singers. Having one foot in traditional songwriting and the other foot in contemporary pop music, they strive to create strong and beautiful melodies paired with relevant and meaningful lyrics.” ~ Laptop Singers

After many years of being in various projects away from creating together, Laptop Singers show their renewed connection with a simply elegant effort to wash away all your worries into the ocean.

Time for a change(feat. Chris Con) from Gothenburg, Sweden-born indie-pop brother duo Laptop Singers show us that being in a self-dreamed jail is not the way to free your soul. This is the call to break free and to see something new, as time goes rather quickly and shall sap your strength away if you let it take your heart’s innocence.

With an elevated mindset, this is a single to play loud when you need to move on, to a new town that shall revitalise your whole perspective.

Hear this lovely single on Soundcloud and see more on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Built Together: Swedish pop act Laptop Singers wonder how the dream faded on ‘Where the Hell Did Our Love Go?’ (feat. Christine Corless)

With a crisp vocal daydream that recollects when there was so much sunshine and the house was being built, Laptop Singers show us into the open curtains to the love that has sadly left their formally warm hearts on ‘Where the Hell Did Our Love Go?(feat. Christine Corless).

Laptop Singers is a Swedish-based indie-pop act that just seems to get better and better as they make that sticky sweet music that you just want to gauge heartily inside.

Originating from Gothenburg on the west coast of Sweden, Per and Lars Andersson have made music since their early teenage years and released music under a number of different names — among them Revolver, Combo Digital och Smile.” ~ Laptop Singers

Featuring the fantastic Nashville-based singer Christine Corless, Laptop Singers are at their best with a tranquil performance that has you in a trance of meditation. There is a calming display with tears too, that shows you how the perfect love can, unfortunately, vanish into the wind like a lost leaf with no home.

Where the Hell Did Our Love Go?(feat. Christine Corless) from the Swedish pop duo, Laptop Singers is a lost love-filled presentation that has your heart feeling so empty and wishing that your soulmate was still next to you, as you finished up the perfect cosy home you both once envisioned while holding hands intimately. Sometimes life doesn’t make sense, and you have to move on and realize that this was a lesson to teach you for your next romance.

Hear this fine new single on Soundcloud and see more news via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen