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Velour Fog & Angie C – Givin’ It Up (feat. Lambert McGaughy)

For budding musicians, one of the most consistently overlooked elements of what makes music great is the lower frequency spectrum of a song, also known as the bass. Velour Fog & Angie C know how to put together a house-inspired track, but bring a bit extra in the bass department on Givin’ It Up. This track will get you dancing, assuring the whole club a good time, especially those who may be physically moved if too close to a speaker. Besides a great beat and low end, a strong vocal performance cements this song’s credibility as an EDM hit. But wait, there’s more…

Other than the solid foundations of this song, one of the most standout ingredients to this track would be featured artist Lambert McGaughy. The smooth and dreamy saxophone transitions on Givin’ It Up remind us exactly how nice it can be to see featured artist collaborations in a music scene saturated with people working on tracks together just for networking purposes. This is a clear example of a musician being placed right where something special is needed and seizing that opportunity with style and flare.