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Flowing through the streets: Sheffield band The Verdis go through the motions of life on quality new single ‘Bus Stop Blues’

With their headphones on loud to block out the noise and the trusty skateboard under foot, The Verdis cruise through the tricky streets with the reflective gem ‘Bus Stop Blues‘.

Laid-back Sheffield, England four-piece act The Verdis, are an impressive indie alt-folk band who fuse together that easy-on-the-ear music, that calms your beating heart and puts you into a mellow zone, to get through your day without getting involved in any unnecessary drama.

His effortless voice takes you into the world that is has changed so much, the usually-thriving streets are quieter and without the life they had before. The main aim is to get to where you need to go without missing the bus to work, the same old journey is the only way to survive right now and the band thrill the ears with a sound that has your feet stomping, as you smile knowingly to a song that you can relate to.

Bus Stop Blues‘ from mellow Sheffield indie folk band The Verdis, is a real sign to the currently cloudy times, as we all try to get through the day and avoid human contact as much as possible. Their authentic gaze-like soundscape is a pleasurable listen, the soulful style is a meaningful escape and you feel thoughtful inside their music that is an enjoyable ride through the cobbled and obstacle-filled roads of 2021.

Hear this terrific single here on Spotify, see the video here on YouTube and find out more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Take a break from this madness: Wendel urges us to take a different outlook on laid-back debut lyric video ‘These Times’ (ft. Keith Carlock)

Wendel goes against the current worldly riptide and shows us what attitude you really should have right now, on the soulfully real tongue-in-cheek debut single ‘These Times‘ (ft. Keith Carlock).

Wendel is a London-born, Yorkshire-based singer-songwriter and brought in drummer extraordinaire Keith Carlock to lace an extra element that adds so much to this single.

This is a project that was made during the wild year of 2020 and this song matches those events that we will never forget as a human race.

With a laid-back style that is is all about chilling out, having a few cold beverages and encourages a relaxation from this madness with music that has a jazzy-soul feel. His welcome vocals are smooth and inviting to the listener, the sax makes this song so enjoyable and with quality drum sounds combined with that saucy bass adding a layer of goodness, there is so much to like here through this enjoyable ride to finding our minds again.

These Times‘ (ft. Keith Carlock) from the self-aware Wendel is the true story of not being too hard on yourself right now. As long as you are putting the effort in and doing your best, its okay to sit back on your day off and chill out from the constant barrage of bad news and world events. Your mental health is so much more important than stressing out about things you can’t control.

With a mellow style of lyrics that puts a smile on your face, this is exactly the type of music that will free your mind and help you breathe again.

See this smartly-made lyric video on YouTube and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

JUICEB☮X Releases Laid Back Rap Track “Egyptian Pools”

JUICEB☮X is a laid-back lyricist and rap music could always use more lyricists. His track, “Egyptian Pools,” produced by Jinsang is a mellow lyrically driven piece with a laid-back chorus that inadvertently leaves the listener bobbing to the beat. The track isn’t trap music, it isn’t mumble rap instead it’s a young thinker attempting to describe the world as he sees it. Its metaphorically precise, and when JUICEB☮X mentions his vulnerability with “cupid,” he speaks with the sincerity of Goodie Mob’s  Cee-Lo on “Beautiful Skin.”

But don’t write this off as a love song, this song is a wavy ride through the mind of a young lyrical genius, delving into love, life, heartbreak, and the balance of it all. I love the musical prowess of the track, the way JUICEB☮X effortlessly rides the subtle bassline like a pro, providing just enough musical eargasm to leave the listener begging for more. The chorus sums it up, “… even if my sun don’t shine, everything is fine.” Excellent track.

BLAYK Mixes An Affinity For Hip Hop With This Pop Track ‘SCARS’

Music is usually at its best when it finds new ways of bringing together familiar elements. Scars by Blayk is a song with a deceiptfully positive sounding introduction. From the bright, steel-drum-sounding patches, one might be within their right to assume a happy, laid back track about catching some sun. Nothing could be further from the truth, and that’s very okay. Blayk mixes an affinity for hip hop with this pop track that digs into themes you’d sooner expect to hear in alternative rock. Although none of these pegs quite fit the expectations of their respective Q-box holes, Scars still finds a way of resonating with each audience. In a way, this artist excels as a jack of all trades.

While the world of pop music has its fair share of stars with staying power, there are always those who will be recycled. There are artists who only get 15 minutes of fame and countless songs that will scarcely be heard due to being drowned out by bigger hits. Blayk shows real potential in performance and mixing. The track is put together better than the average basement studio can achieve and the performance can outshine your local garage band. With access to more resources, there’s no reason he couldn’t rock a main stage. If fans really do have the ability to turn the spotlight of pop culture, they’d be wise to illuminate Blayk while he’s still pursuing his ambitions.

-Paul Weyer