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Crossed My Mind: New Orleans native Lahh Munchie remembers the good times on Yours Truly

Thinking back to those extremely contemplative moments where in the end, he felt he was wasting his time with the wrong person, Lahh Munchie knows the times were good for a while but have ended forever despite the flashbacks on Yours Truly.

Lahh Munchie is a New Orleans, Louisiana-based indie hip hop/RnB solo artist who makes that ear-popping music you shall blare loud all day.

Guiding us into a former relationship which is laden with regret and a ruptured heart, Lahh Munchie knows he will be okay no matter what happened in the past. Displaying his mellow vibes that will have you thinking back to a past lover, who has since walked a different road that is far away from your ongoing consciousness.

Yours Truly from New Orleans, Louisiana-based indie hip hop/RnB artist Lahh Munchie is an intensely reflective track that will have you looking deep into the mirror. Performed with a look back at something that was so intense romantically, that wistfully washed away into the sky forever.

With a smooth beat that might have you nodding your head as you wonder why the flame goes cold sometimes, this is a reminder that love can be vicious.

Hear this new single on Spotify and check out his IG for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen