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Check out ‘Moonlight’ a dream-dance track by LADLX

If there is such a thing as dream-dance then LADLX makes it. Moonlight is a chilled and sonorous blend of slow groove dance, ambient hip-hop and hazy electronica and it sounds like nothing that you have heard before. The elements that make up the track might be familiar in their own right but when they are assembled in this intricate and unusual way the result is nothing short of spectacular new sonic architecture.

It is like sleepwalking through a techno-soundscape or the sort of dreams that robots might have, it alternately chills and grooves as the dynamic twists and turns, one moment infectious and dance-fuelled the next half heard and dreamlike. Dance music is already a broad section of the modern musical spectrum but I think LADLX has just invented a new sub-genre. What it is called is anyone’s guess.