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LA singer Matt Geronimo roars alive with the electric ‘Future’

Los Angeles, United States is the home of singer Matt Geronimo as he turns the gears up to the maximum on his new song called ‘Future’.

This is all about thinking that the person you are with is the real deal. They want to be with you too and the feelings match like a beautiful sunset and spending it alone together. You are giving this one last chance as things haven’t worked out before but perhaps this is the chance you have been waiting for. You have zero doubts now and just want to be with the special soul forever so you can both be happy.

LA singer Matt Geronimo¬†is thinking about the long-term here on his new song called ‘Future’. With an electronic sound that buzzes alive with gripping vocals, this is an indie ride full of good intentions. The US singer is slowly emerging from the pack as a standout performer that we all need to take notice of.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Aaron Everything sings with such passion on the thoughtful ‘Die In L.A’

The acoustic version of ‘Die In L.A‘ is such a top track and this is thanks to the skills of Aaron Everything.

The Hollows acoustic EP is comprised of 3 of Aaron’s older tracks which he and his engineer Julian brought new life to along with the help from other musicians around the internet. Aaron wanted to do an acoustic EP since he began in music after taking a lot of influence from BLACKBEAR specifically his ‘DEAD‘ album.

Die in L.A’ to Aaron is an emotive piece about not wishing to be stuck in a small town and small town mindset for the rest of his life. Feeling as if you’re just going through the motions of life with no real promise but having big city dreams is built deep into Irish culture with the history of mass emigration in this country. But seeing how this virus has been handled and the social unrest in other countries like America, Aaron is torn in where to go in his life to best benefit his music and mental well-being. This is a true story and one that millions of us think about. Stay in the same town or get out and risk not being happy either.

Aaron Everything¬†is a top performer and ‘Die In L.A‘ is a thoughtful song that ticks all the boxes.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen