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Ohio Rapper L.A.Shawn is back with quick fire ”Broken Dolls”

There is lots of laughing at the beginning of the new single and I wondered what was next. This is the genius of L.A.Shawn. You never know what is coming next and he raps with so much pain and meaning. He really has created his own genre and I’m not sure what the name is. Yet. It will come to me soon and in the meantime we are blessed to have more music from this emcee that is pushing music out as quick as the world is pushing out bad leadership. It’s happening real fast.

Broken Dolls” is all about memories that L.A.Shawn¬†has from being young. A lot of them are of tough memories and ones that he thinks about. They haven’t defined him and this is a rapper who continues to evolve and change the game. His flow is so tight and you can tell he is real. ”Broken Dolls’‘ is a quality release for 2020 and one of the hottest Hip Hop tracks so far this year.

Stream this song and more from this prodigious artist who is pushing out songs at such a fast level. Check out his Soundcloud asap.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen