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L.A.Shawn’s vampire Rap style shreds the right notes with ‘’After Dark’’

Please don’t text me after dark, that’s when my thoughts come to life. You have been warned, L.A.Shawn likes to be in his zone after dark. This is the concept of the new single from the Columbus, United States rapper and it’s off his catchy ‘’The Villain Of The Opera’’ album from 2020. 

‘L.A.Shawn’ has an intriguing style and seems fed up with the flashy style of other cats in the game. He just wants to push out good music and talk about real issues in the world. 

With a few features and thousands of streams per song, he is well on the way to the top. This is clearly a hard-working Rapper who is putting many hours into his craft and not just pushing out minimally thought of music which is so often the norm in current Hip Hop releases. 

This is an Emcee with a big future. If he can stay focused and put out some more bangers with memorable music videos, ‘L.A.Shawn’ will be a huge name in the game. Just don’t text him after dark.

Catch more from this promising Emcee on his SoundCloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

L.A Shawn (LA Boii) Prod by AO4K x Young Taylor releases new track Love Hallucinations

Hip-Hop and Rap artist L.A Shawn has dropped his latest track ‘Love Hallucinations’. With a killer beat and not to mention the insane vocal ranges, this is a fantastic example of a Rap hit.

The way the sound effects and the melody intertwine together is impressive, the use of different sounds creates this powerful tempo that collides alongside the vocals perfectly. Throughout you are moved by this crazy energetic beat that just takes the track to a whole new level.

It’s safe to say that LA Shawn does have a wide range of vocal tones, his voice tends to go fairly high-pitched and it’s always very up-beat, adding in a load of energy.

It’s so intriguing to listen to all the vocal ranges that come through in this track, they all vary, even though some are deeper and lower in tempo, the way that they mix with Shawn’s is so impressive and no matter the pace or the tone, it always compliments that amazing beat that goes through the background.

This one’s definitely one to add to your playlist, Shawn sure knows how to make a very catchy track.

Check out L.A Shawn (LA Boii) Love Hallucinations by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Karley Myall