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Set aside your anger and find the possibility of positivity with Farris’ sonically ensnaring single ‘Rocket Blaster’

2020 may seem like an opportune time to release a new angsty protest song, but Alt-Rock luminaries, Farris, proved why it isn’t with their matured and mindfully explosive latest single ‘Rocket Blaster’.

Undoubtedly, everyone needs adrenalizing tracks on their playlists to find catharsis in, to vent through, to find mood-matching resonance within. The Netherlands-based artist sweetened their galvanising sound with a message of positivity. One which we all need to be reminded of from time to time. Anger may be a more prominent part of the human condition recently, but that doesn’t mean that should be the default emotion we turn to when we’re faced with the reality of our increasingly absurd socio-political climate. Subversively, Rocket Blaster asks the listener to find the positivity within the negative through tattoo-worthy catchy lines such as “Put away your guns and your rocket blasters, anger only kills us faster”.

The overdriven sonically ensnaring sound in Rocket Blaster is just as visceral as the message written by Texan singer-songwriter Kathleen Farris who exudes magnetically ferocious energy that any fans of Joan Jett, Juliette Lewis and the Licks, The Runaways and L7 would definitely appreciate.

Rocket Blaster is the first track to be released from the upcoming EP of the same title which is set to drop in 2021. We’re already stoked to hear what kind of conscious ingenuity the forthcoming release contains. Until then, we’ll be left with the rhythmically infectious earworm which is Rocket Blaster.

You can check out Rocket Blaster which was released on October 20th for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Tough on Fridays have returned with their resonantly visceral modernistic take on Alt 90s with the release of “Simplicity III”

Georgetown, TX Alt-Rock powerhouse Tough on Fridays blew us away when they appeared on our radar with their 2-track release “Simplicity II”.

On July 3rd they dropped “Simplicity III” in the style of 7” release with A side and B side singles. Yet, you’ll find that both tracks are equally as evocative and artfully intense. Tough on Fridays brought Alt 90s nuances right into the 21st century with their melodically resolving, lyrically lacerating style.

Track 1, “Lonely Eyes/Pines” may be a piercingly emotional aural experience, but you can’t hold it against Tough on Fridays for hitting you with undiluted apathetic resonance. Seeing as the whole globe has gone through extensive isolation prior to the release, I can only imagine how many people will find themselves in the candidly connectable track.

Track 2, “Out of the Blue (The Deep End)” perfectly follows on from Lonely/Eyes with a slightly amplified sound and an even more visceral angsty bite. There aren’t many tracks which could simultaneously appease fans of L7 and contemporary ennui-laden Pop Punk, but Tough on Fridays discernably succeeded.

You can check out Simplicity III for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

Raw & rugged: ‘Pigeon’s Pocket’ fly their way into the punk game with new single

‘Pigeon’s Pocket’ consists of band members from all over Europe. Coming from England, Ireland, the Netherlands and Poland, they made it their mission to prove that, much like punk, Riot GRRRL’s not dead.

The self titled single-‘’Pigeon’s Pocket’’- is a reminder that punk is definitely not dead and doing quite nicely actually. Influenced by Lunachicks, the Distillers, L7, Violet Femmes just to name a few, you can hear the passion in lead singer Marjory’s voice. She is fantastic on this song, has a strong voice and with the awesome sound complimenting her, this is an impressive single. 

With pigeon sounds illuminating from the start and then back at the end, ’Pigeon’s Pocket’’ is a rocking single that helps this new band break through. They like being the rats of the sky, dropping down on everyone and playing their music really loud. Currently based in Leeds, this is a band that is bound to be on many awesome lineups in 2021. 

Stream the high energy rockers on their Spotify

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen