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Finding His Lane: Minneapolis rapper Barry Denzel knows he is on the way to winning with ‘Lottery’

Produced by the skilled L.A. Justice and released through his loyal label Dynasty Records, Barry Denzel strikes it lucky on the catchy new single all about going for it when you know you are ready with ‘Lottery‘.

Barry Denzel is a Minneapolis-based hip-hop artist with so many high ambitions, he is going to need a massive mansion to fit them all in. He raps with a edgy street-born attitude that has shown him the sewers below, that almost had him suffocated before he dragged himself out.

Growing up in Minneapolis, Barry Denzel was always connected to music. With Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, Nelly, and Usher being some of his inspirations, he made the decision to develop his skills as a songwriter, learn how to write complex lyrics, and be able to tell his own truths and stories through his music.” ~ Barry Denzel

He vows never to go back to what was in his life before, as he is only interested in success now and having the true crew with him. The world can change so many souls that you thought were real, and its up to you to see it in their eyes.

This is a supremely skilled lyricist with a vigorous flow that strikes your compelled imagination – his stories are so detailed and rather vivid – each sentence has you rather enthralled as his growing self-awareness to the level he wants to reach, is such a joy to watch.

Lottery‘ from the passionate Minneapolis-based Barry Denzel, is his move to the top of the pack. He looks and sound really hungry, as his mindset has taken him further than many thought possible. It feels like the door has just opened for him to walk in, and if he wants it enough, he will see his fortunes change forever in this fickle world.

If you have that one opportunity to succeed, will you take it or not?

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen