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Into Some Trouble: SQUARMS take the leap on the wildly creative mind-bender ‘Could Do’ (feat. Kv$hnoodle)

As they wonder if the moves intended will actually help the struggle in this fake world that has suffocated so many smart brains away from the truth, SQUARMS bring us a track that is laced with so many layers of intrigue you might need a lie down after witnessing the future with ‘Could Do(feat. Kv$hnoodle).

SQUARMS is a UK-based alternative act that refuses to let their minds and hearts be controlled by anything that is greedily stealing their valuable soul’s moral fibre.

Dystopic dreamers, ethereal entities and Auteurs of reality – SQUARMS allow a look beyond the velvet curtain of corporate theatrics, and into the deep excess of the digital age.” ~ SQUARMS

Showing us into a galaxy that has their signature British accents brewing confidently from the speakers as they show us into their vividly exciting universe, SQUARMS are the type of group that is uniquely original and will never settle for anything less. They make the type of music that many will find unusual and that is exactly how they intend it, as they wonder why so many others make the same copycat music that sometimes tastes like sour milk.

They performed at a DIY blockchain ticketed livestream event using Ethereum test tokens in 2019, taking part in Kaneda Records co-founder Simeon Soden’s PHD thesis dubbed ‘Paypal for Punks’ in 2019, exploring how music organisations and practitioners may use blockchain to distribute, compose, present and perform music.” ~ SQUARMS 

Could Do(feat. Kv$hnoodle) from the UK-based free-thinkers SQUARMS is a new ear-educator that will certainly elevate your mindset to a whole level upwards from before. Their attitude is open-minded and they sense that this is their chance, to teach others that another way is indeed possible no matter what you have been force-fed on the television. Thinking for yourself is ultimately such a valuable vision that seems to be lacking for some odd reason these days.

Hear this electrically-charged new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen