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Up and coming artist Kuna drops her new E.P Bittersweet

Up and coming artist Kuna drops her new single Bittersweet, released May 1st 2020 from her debut EP with the same name.

Bittersweet is a stylish interpretation of modern pop that gives in to airy and soothing vocals, developing into catchy and original melodies that are all but alike any of the current mainstream acts. Her wide vocal range is astounding, going from deep bass tones to higher pitches with incredible simplicity – a natural skill that only a true talent is able to master.

Kuna just sounds different, and releases a unique product that features an interesting meld of R&B and alt-pop creating an emotional mood over hip hop beats and dreamy sounds. If you go through the entire EP, you’ll better experience her pioneer style, but for now keep your focus on Bittersweet that you can listen to on multiple platforms through Ditto.

She’s definitely going into one of my playlists, how about yours?

Review by Jim Esposito