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I Just Need To Get Away: LA’s Kilo Tango desires that enticing fun to get rid of the lonely empty spaces on ‘Lace and leather (not forever)’

Lace and leather (not forever) by KiloTango

As she looks temptingly through her breeze-filled bedroom curtain and wholeheartedly wishes for some much-needed excitement, Kilo Tango opens her front door to a possible mistake with the enthralling ‘Lace and leather (not forever)‘.

Kilo Tango (Kee-lo Tayn-go), is a Kt Mitchell-formed artist from bustling Los Angeles, California. She stylishly intermingles her 90’s dream pop, 60’s rock, and modern pop creations smartly together, like a hungry kitty cat looking for a tasty snack in the middle of the night.

She saunters cheekily into our eager speakers with careful precision and a purring curiosity — as each lyric is sung with such wondrous intrigue — that has you nibbling on your lip, as you keenly await the full experience to soak in sweetly.

We are introduced to the true story of feeling that so much before was such a waste of time, as the story of desiring that real fun right now is shown to us by a truly wonderful singer-songwriter, who is so refreshingly honest at every turn.

Her voice is ear-catching, the genuine energy eases all over your stretching body, as you sit back and remember when you were so tired of dull relationships, and just wanted to have some fun for once.

Lace and leather (not forever)‘ from the engaging LA artist Kilo Tango, shows us into a world of the fleeting night that was mind-numbing before you switched things around, and took a chance on someone you thought might let you down later on. The heart-beating thrill of the chance-to-see-what-happens rolled the dice for you — as you looked eagerly for that winning six — to make your evening all worth it after all.

Hear this spellbinding new single on Bandcamp and find out more via her paw-printed IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen