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Hip Hop swag in abundance with the new street track ‘Rebound’ from KRN$

There is so much Hip Hop swag in abundance here with the new street track ‘Rebound‘ from KRN$ as he rips the mic off with a flashy music video, to match his vibrant style.

KRN$ is an Amsterdam based rapper who has the flair of an ever-evolving creative. After losing so much weight recently, he is such an inspiration to all of us worldwide. He has used lockdown to change his body and this is a song about making changes in this crazy world.

KRN$ tells the story of his 2020 with the bouncy ‘Rebound‘. This is all about making a comeback like Kevin Durant and making sure that you are ready and fresh for the new challenge ahead. The year has been so shocking but good times are just around the corner. The raps are slung with vigor and you get the feel like this is a rapper that can make it big if he stays focused and keeps improving, avoid the pitfalls of temptation on the way.

Head through to see the video on YouTube *please be aware of the constant flashing images and epilepsy warning*

Click here for the Insta page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen