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KrizRok has released his summer pop taste breaker, ‘Welcome to My Show’

After a successful 2020 debut, the artist that is impossible to pigeonhole, Krizrok, has unleashed his anthemically eccentric sophomore single, Welcome to My Show. With elements of tropic dance-pop coalescing with indie vibes and reggae rhythms, the sun-kissed release reaches the pinnacle of summer pop while playfully resisting the constraints of your average pop earworm.

The German singer-songwriter and instrumentalist truly comes into his own with his boundlessly magnetic vocals that defy convention while simultaneously leaving you enamoured by the quirky soul on offer.

It is always refreshing to hear a seasoned professional session musician embracing self-expression own with their solo work, and KrizRok is certainly no exception to that rule. Notably, he has a keen sense of which aural rules are made to be broken to find the perfect balance between distinction and infectious appeal.

Welcome to My Show is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast