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Kristoffer & The Harbour Heads

A&R Factory Present: Kristoffer & The Harbour Heads

Following months of intense rehearsal and demos sessions, Kristoffer and the Harbour Heads have brought to life their vision of a complete album; not just nine songs. The faith and confidence the band had while carving out the tracks for the record extended to their pursuit of producer James Salter – who duly accepted their invitation to travel to Gothenburg/Sweden from LA/USA to help put together the songs in Kungsten studios – where the likes of Dungen, Hokan Hellströmand Joel Alme recorded.

Our first taste from that upcoming album is “When You Say Stay.” Frontman, Kristoffer Ragnstam says “‘When You Say Stay’ is lyrically inspired by sucky relations and how easy it is to say one thing, but every bone and muscle in the body feels the opposite. Musically, I had this idea of Outkast meeting up with The Zombies for a late night for a session. But when you hear the final version it sounds like 3 guys from the little town Kungälv in Sweden.”

He closes with the conclusion, “I guess no matter how hard we try, we will always end up sound like the Kristoffer And The Harbour Heads.”

The video for “When You Say Stay” is inspired by the immigrants in Dresen, Germany and how Maja (the girl) tries in her imaginary world to get the people to smile. Kris sings “When you say stay. You mean GET OUT OF MY WAY.” Its a powerful sentence to play with, even if he sings it from a relationship point of view. It also mirrors a lot of our immigration problems. People say we should take care of the refugees. But when they actually arrive at our country’s border, many say: “Get Out Of My Way.”