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‘You The One’ by Krish: Keep your finger on the replay button!

Yup!! You’re going to listen to it. Then, just to make sure, you’re going to listen to it again. By the third listen to ‘You The One’ by Krish, you’ll be hooked. His smooth, sweet vocals are knicker-dropping and heart warming, all at the same time. The simple music is not so simple after a few listens, with deceptively complex syncopation and rhythm wrapped up in clean guitar riffs and well placed percussion. The background vocals are gorgeous and well produced, complementing the lead vocal like peanut butter and jelly. This song is an orgasmic, middle of the night, comfort food binge. It just had to be done!

Krish originates from Ann Harbour, Michigan. It’s definitely worth checking out some of his earlier work, as the journey to this highly prolific destination has been a relatively short but rewarding one. ‘You The One’ is already garnering a lot of positive attention and his singing and songwriting skills are raising all of the right eyebrows.

Feel free to check out his new release ‘You The One’ on Spotify. You won’t be disappointed. You’ll be the opposite of that, for sure.

Review by Susan Harriott