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Tranquil Peace: King Zausage is effortlessly excellent on ‘Near Bonix’

As the peaceful soundscape unravels before your willing earlobes to send a sensation that is supremely exciting, King Zausage kindly filters out all of the noise for us, with the exhilarating new single that will have you in a cat-nap type of mood with ‘Near Bonix‘.

King Zausage is a multi-talented and deep-thinking Hong Kong experimental electronica producer, music journalist, composer, guitarist, tour manager, PhD researcher in theology, rock music and spirituality, at the University of Birmingham.

He makes that deep type of soundscape that is rather rare as it has so much pure soul, as he started his career in this world of entertainment as the music show curator in a mountain of the 2012 Shan Zhai Music Festival. The bug soon bit and hasn’t left him since — instead of taking the bite out of his veins — he has instead only forged onto greater heights and might be one of the most intriguing humans around.

You feel like you are in another planet here, each second feels like it has been carefully meshed into a story for us to hold onto, for our hearts to heal with.

Near Bonix’ from the fascinating and uniquely focused Birmingham-based, Hong Kong-born electronic producer King Zausage, is that peaceful trance that you needed after all the madness around. This is a world class artist who is so in tune with the needs of the world and brings us an ambient masterpiece, to treasure wisely here.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen