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Speaking up against conservatism and racism in Europe: Eruption Artistique broaden our minds with original video for ‘King-Kong’

Eruption Artistique have released one of the most fascinating music videos you will ever see called ‘King-Kong‘.

Dutch alt electro-pop outfit Eruption Artistique make original cinematic-influenced music that speaks up for a worthy cause and they do it with a sense of humor too. Their sound is nothing like you have probably heard before, which makes them a curiously adsorbing listen.

This is the story about how racism and conservatism is destroying Europe currently and this is a band that have welded their creative energies together, in order to show how they aren’t staying silent anymore.

Her vocals are sweet and glorious while the wind-swept beat adds a layer of so much intrigue to a picture that needs to the seen in order to believe, with a song that has so much attraction inter-webbed in the forest of originality.

King-Kong‘ from The Netherlands-based alt-indie pop group with off beat cinematic fusion Eruption Artistique, is the type of music video you will need to watch twice to get all the hidden intricacies wrapped into this wonderful song- that is full of messages and amusement at the same time. A rare and ultimately powerful quality to have in this dark world, full of mystery and anxiousness.

This is a video that you need to see with your own eyes, in order to believe its contents and what the song stands for. Music is there for expression and to teach us all what is really going on, when the news tells us something different at times.

Watch this enthralling music video on YouTube and find out more about their cause on FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Wisconsin singer-songwriter dbrouse returns with true story on ‘King Kong’

King Kong by D.B. Rouse

Wisconsin singer-songwriter dbrouse returns with true story on ‘King Kong‘ as this is a song that gets you thinking.

You may be big, but you ain’t too big to fall. This is the mantra here from this singer and this is such a true story. Sometimes as humans we think we are indestructible and can do anything. We however do have limitations and are not too big to far. If we remember that, life will be better. W can fall and it will be hard if we do things slightly wrong.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin is the home of dbrouse and he jumps into our hearts on this brand new single. The self-proclaimed hobo and kazoo salesman has such a great vibe and this song is so catchy. The enjoyable nature of this song riffs through the guitar.

Singer-songwriter dbrouse is a quality performer and shows this greatly on the new single ‘King Kong‘. He succeeds in his message and this is a valiant effort.

Click here for the Bandcamp page.

Here is the Facebook page link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen