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Kendyle Paige describes the true feelings deep within her soul on Cynical

After blessing us all with a tremendous interview with us to learn from, Kendyle Paige shows us deep within her new 10-track album Ladybird with the honest new track to close eyes with, Cynical.

Kendyle Paige is a superbly genuine indie pop singer-songwriter who was born to a Grammy-winning family and sings with pure authenticity on each well-constructed track.

With about a dozen releases in her rearview mirror, Paige is proud to announce her latest and most ambitious record, LADYBIRD, in collaboration with producer Brandon Lee Richardson and engineer Shane D. Stanton of Glower Studios.” ~ Kendyle Paige

Combined with so much deliciously real quality to nibble on lovingly, Kendyle Paige is in a top-notch form via this ominously real picture and pulsating performance for the ages.

Cynical from the captivating indie pop singer-songwriter Kendyle Paige shows us resoundingly within the sordid world and sends us a profound reminder about the current state of mental health in the world. With stress on the rise and broken sails strewn everywhere, this is a dynamic release to treasure forever.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Interview: Kendyle Paige tells us more about Mom life and her new single Ladybird

With her first child on the way and creating music melodies to keep anyone smiling, Kendyle Paige guides us through the sounds of the 70s and tempts us with a delicious iced vanilla Matcha. Blessing us with valuable insight, we find out more about how to keep creative no matter what the climate.

Hello there. We appreciate your time and for joining us. First, what do you have for breakfast usually and where are you currently based?

Thank you so much for having me! My usual breakfast is a bagel with cream cheese and bacon (don’t knock it till you try it), and it’s always accompanied by an iced vanilla Matcha. I’m currently based in New York.

How did you first get into music and do you recall your first time on stage and what it felt like?

I’ve always loved music. Growing up I was very much surrounded by the sounds of the 70s due to my parents. Around nine years old, I remember my mom hearing me sing, and telling me it was good (i had no clue), it was 2006 so the movie, ‘Dreamgirls’ had just come out and she had me sing along to ‘Listen’ by Beyonce in our living room everyday for months straight. Eventually, I went on to perform at school talent shows and local events until 2015 when I began gigging anywhere that would have me. One of the first major New York venues being, ‘The Bitter End’. I remember riding that high for weeks. It definitely solidified my desire to pursue music.

Ladybird. Please tell us all about your new release and what it means to you.

Ladybird has been in the making for quite some time. After my last album in 2018, I knew I wanted to create something with more live instruments. My songs just always feel better to me when we play them live. I wrote the entirety of the songs during the pandemic in LA, and when I moved back to New York in 2021 my producer Brandon and I got to recording. Ladybird is an album about my experience with love in all forms. Each song is a bite-sized topic revolving around romance and connection. It covers themes like ambivalence; the complexity and dichotomy of human emotions, and the pain of feeling two ways.

What else interests you besides music?

Besides music, I’m really into fashion, creative directing, and traveling. I love putting together treatments for my music videos, and creating moments with visuals to accompany music. That, along with putting together a dope outfit, and traveling to a new city are some of my favorite things right now.

Do you feel any pressure music-wise coming from a Grammy-winning family?

Honestly, never. If anything, just inspired. My uncle, Dave Valentin won a Grammy for best Latin jazz album in 2003. He was incredibly talented, and I’m thankful for the experience and knowledge he shared with me in regards to the industry.

What is your favourite music venue in the world to play live at?

Favorite venue, probably Rockwood Music Hall. Dream venue to play Red Rocks Amphitheatre.

Last, what goals do you have for the rest of the year?

I’m currently pregnant with my first child, so just getting to know her and this new chapter in life, and promoting my new music. I’m hoping to drop some visuals and play a couple live shows as well so look out for that. Thank you so much for having me.

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Interview by Llewelyn Screen