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Life Together: KC Sunshine opens up the envelope of reality with Hard Times for Dreamers

Emerging from a vivid dream and submerged in so much love, KC Sunshine shows us the truth in such a splendid way with the super debut solo single called Hard Times for Dreamers.

KC Sunshine aka KC Underwood is a UK-based indie alternative solo artist who is probably known best for his work with his former rock band, Big Deal (Mute).

The song came to him, like most of his others , in a dream. A song from a dream about fellow dreamers and what a particularly shit time it is to be one.” ~ KC Sunshine

Shining so brightly and showing us an example so many need to remember, KC Sunshine is on top form with a stunning single which the dreamers shall certainly relate to. Packed with honesty and a mellow ambience to slow dance with, this is a peaceful song to cherish forever.

Hard Times for Dreamers from UK-based indie alternative solo artist KC Sunshine is a lovely release that is so dreamy and might take all negative thoughts away in an instant. Vocally pure and a really enjoyable listen for all fans of genuine music, that shall float many away into a much better galaxy filled with hope.

Never stop dreaming, no matter what anyone says.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen