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Mind Your Business: New Jersey artist Jonny Flip knows that others that dealt him wrong will feel the dreaded ‘Karma’

After switching his main engineer and producer to Bye4Now, Jonny Flip has found a new lease of life as he speaks truthfully about those who plot against his success, and will feel the hard pinch of ‘Karma‘ really soon.

Jonny Flip is a fast-emerging New Jersey artist who blends pop, rap and rock into his own genre with lots of talent to spare, as his drive to be one of the best is so evident in his music, which flies into your speakers with exciting abandon, as he tells it how it is.

This is the story of telling others off who have let him down and will pay the cost, through this dreaded real feeling that they will feel soon. He is moving onto bigger and better things and doesn’t have time to be dragged down by pettiness, which only leads to disappointment anyway.

Karma‘ from the enthralling New Jersey multi-genre musician Jonny Flip, is that flamboyantly exciting release that has you swept up into a constant state of head-nodding. He is ready for more and it feels like he is only starting to unlock his full potential.

With a powerful voice and an ear for what his sound should be like, this ever-evolving future star is headed all the way to the top, if he can stay focused — and not get wrapped up in the shiny pitfalls — that many before him have fallen headfirst into.

Stream this new single on his YouTube and check out the IG for more news and releases.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Australian pop artist Deonie sends through real message about snakes with debut ”Karma”

Deonie is a young Australian pop star in the making. She effortlessly launches her career in the wild music world with her stunning debut ”Karma”. This is a singer who has a flawless voice and is set for huge things.

Karma” is a pop journey all about having your heart broken and feeling that you have been with a real snake. Someone who has made up stories to be cool and now the lies are catching up to them. This is a real story and a true tale that many of us have had to ensure at some point in our lives. She sings with such meaning and you believe every word.

I love the smooth beat here as it compliments Deonie’s voice with precision production that is perfect. ”Karma” is an absolute winner for 2020 and hopefully this young singer goes from strength to strength.

Here is the Youtube video link.

Click through here to see more info on live show via Facebook.

Stream this brand new track right here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen