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On The Move: West Philly’s Jus NBL shows us into that street grind to success with ‘Big Drip’

After filling it up with tasty treasures on ‘In My Bag‘ and hitting all the right notes with the full album ‘Fine Wine‘, Jus NBL returns with the first single from his new 3-track EP with ‘Big Drip‘.

Jus NBL is a West Philly, USA-based indie hip-hop solo artist who flows with a youthful abandon that makes you listen due to the easy-to-hear skill level attached.

Showing us how to get in done in this world that forces us to work harder than perhaps we should, Jus NBL raps with a hardened edge and skillfully brings us a street anthem that has you feeling in a flourishing mood. The lyrics are highly vivid and reloaded with real stories that only those who live it can explain, as he brushes away anything that is holding him back with the forceful energy of an artist who knows the end goal.

Big Drip’ from the West Philly, USA-based indie hip-hop artist Jus NBL is a light-up and take notice type of track that encapsulates the hustle mentality that reverberates like a real-life movie. This is a confident artist who knows where he is headed, as he ignores the small-minded folks who are asking for handouts while they stay in the same spot. With a motivating beat, that summons the conquering energy deep within you – this is the type of sizzling song that has you raising your hand up – and courageously making moves to add those all-important digits to your hungry bank account.

Listen up to this top track via Spotify and see the vibes on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

West Philly rap artist Jus NBL hits all the right notes in his album ‘Fine Wine’

West Philly rap artist, Jus NBL, dropped one of the freshest hip hop albums of 2021 with the release of his lyrically driven LP, Fine Wine. In the title track, the minimalist beats create the perfect platform for his high-energy rap bars as they grind through the gritty lyrics and the resilience that allowed him to find the light regardless.

Right from the first verse, Jus NBL proves how grounded he is in his lyricism. There’s none of the usual ego-fuelled grandeur, just an honest and direct lyrical delivery that is more than easy to connect with. The Jay Z reminiscences are strong, but they do little to dampen the intoxicating hit of Jus NBL’s authenticity in Fine Wine. Every rap fan should have room for him on his radar.

Jus NBL’s 2021 album, Fine Wine, is now available to purchase on apple music.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Fill It: West Philly rapper Jus NBL drops hot new single ‘In My Bag’ (feat. Jp Da Illist)

As he gets used to the taste and keeps the flow in the upper echelon division, Jus NBL keeps his swag going until that number is called on ‘In My Bag(feat. Jp Da Illist).

Jus NBL is a supremely imaginative 21-years old West Philly-based indie hip-hop artist who has grown up around music his whole life and is now ready to comprehensively examine his inventive side.

Jus NBL is at his sublime peak with some skilled rhymes to truly ponder as he is joined by the top-notch New Jersey rapper Jp Da Illist on In My Bag. This is a cruising-around-looking-for-opportunity type of track that has you gazing around sharply, to make sure that no one is going to ruin your day with any ill-advised foolishness.

In My Bag’ (feat. Jp Da Illist) from the multi-talented West Philly rapper Jus NBL, is a move-mountains track all about keeping your tribe strong and never giving up no matter what is going down. Both of these mightily promising hip-hop studs have the airwaves on full blast – with a bass-shaking single – that will keep your head bobbing all night as you cruise around these dangerous streets.

Getting that bag filled up to the brim and keeping it safe, is the only mission.

Hear the vibe on Spotify and see more via his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen