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Crisis King – Tonight – If You Thought That Extreme Music Could Not Be Eclectic, Think Again!

Crisis King is an artist with a fondness for hard-hitting metal, post-hardcore and industrial tones. His recent studio work, Tonight, is an EP that features 6 original songs. The artist’s music explores genres as diverse as hardcore, industrial, new-metal and more, going for an eclectic, yet direct sound. Opening number, “Die Easy”, is an extremely powerful wall of sound that feels like a stampede of vikings, crushing and burning everything in their path. The song has powerful drums and loud guitar riffs that are down-tuned and aggressive, perfectly matching the vocals.

The dark lyrical themes on the songs of the EP are also a great match with the album’s production aesthetics, but there is also room for melodies here and there.

“The Tides” highlights the group’s most melodic side, yet it still features hard-hitting drums, loud guitar walls and serendipitous changes. Throughout the span of these 6 tracks, Crisis King really stand out for the diverse approach they are able to bring to the table, exploring different sides of their musicianship and offering up an EP that feels eclectic, yet extremely direct, just as you would expect from a band such as Crisis King!

Living Shape Releases Hard Hitting Rock Track “Nirwana”

Living Shape is an alternative rock band from Zurich, Switzerland.

Their sound is hard-hitting, no-frills and no-compromise alternative rock. The tone of the band is really captivating and interesting.

If I could describe it by making comparisons, I would say that their recent single, “Nirwana”, almost sounds like Jim Morrison fronting The Foo Fighters, jamming with members of Metallica.

The track is a great example of the band’s eclectic influences. The guitar tones of the group tip the hat at the early metal sound of the 70s, learning lessons from bands such as Metallica or Judas Priest. The vocals are present, really cutting through the mix perfectly. On the other hand, the drums are dense and thick, echoing the best early stoner rock and grunge. In spite of the band’s rocking attitude, there is also a lot of melody in this track, making it appealing to a broad pool of listeners.

The band recently even took to Youtube to release a brand new music video for their single, which showcases the band jamming in various locations in an abandoned old mansion!

Shadow Horse twist that bridges the gaps between old school and contemporary metal

The Visitor by Shadow Horse

Shadow Horse is a heavy metal band hailing from Nashville, Tennessee. Their music immediately stands out for its broad range and for the band’s unique approach to songwriting, denoting a truly special personality and an original twist that bridges the gaps between old school and contemporary metal.

The band’s recent single, “Spear”, is a great example of the well-refined sonic mechanism at the core of the band’s tone. The song has some really great riffs, a dense, heavy beat and more importantly, a smooth vocal flow that sits perfectly on top of the instruments, easily cutting through the mix.

On “Spear”, Shadow Horse showcases a driven attitude, with lots of talent and a unique vision. Their tone could be described as a refreshing blend of doom and heavy metal, echoing the work of influential artists such as Black Sabbath, Judas Priest or Arch Enemy, only to mention a few of the bands that come to mind while listening to this music.