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Judah Mo$cato

Judah Mo$cato 1-800-799-7233: Real Music for Real People

Nothing can quite prepare you for Judah Mo$scato’s debut track. It’s a delectable mix of Rap, Hip Hop & the under rated genre of Trap music. I’ll be honest from the moment his vocals kicked in. I didn’t even hear the music. I was so immersed in the vocals that I was taken on the heart wrenching journey that I was thrust upon from clicking play on his debut new track 1-800-799-7233 which is the first track released off his debut production D.R.U.G Musik Vol 1.

It’s not your usual dope track, bragging, full of proverbial swag about getting high. The acronym stands for DREAMS REVEL UNDERRATED GOALS. His lyrics are a tell tale sign that music his is passion. You can feel his soul injected into every lick. Through his music he explores the parallels of relationships, violence and drugs in a way, it’s safe to say that no artist has ever done so poignantly before. With lyrics hitting you like a tonne for bricks. It makes for a sensational ground-breaking track.

“Domestic Violence is a two way street.” It takes a remarkable soul to contend with such raw emotions and problems which are so prevalent and poignant within our society. His clever use of piano arrangement and sound samples of crying give listeners a graphic and illustrative view of this heart wrenching emotion.

Grab the tissues and check out the brutally harrowingly honest track from the Bronx artist.