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The Flight Above: Houston’s Abandon the Fall look for calmer winds on ‘CityScape’

With the opening track from the new instrumental EP called ‘In Bloom‘, Abandon the Fall fly up above confidently despite the gushing winds that threatens the flight from every direction possible on the alt-rock instrumental single ‘CityScape‘.

Created by Juan Espinoza, Abandon the Fall is a Houston, Texas-based indie music producer and alternative rock/pop instrumental project that aims to reach the inner soul and brighten up the world, from the discouraging darkness around each corner.

Draped in darker hues, Juan grew up appreciating every facet of music. So much so that he went on to produce a myriad of styles for a decade before he deiced to focus on his own music, laying out a blueprint for what would eventually become Abandon The Fall.” ~ Abandon the Fall

The ravishing riffs are rather delightfully toned together to refresh your tired heart from previous losses, as you look to calmer skies that you know will help you feel free like a frolicking bird again. There is much determination felt inside the fascinating layers here, as you look up above to find what makes you truly happy in life.

CityScape‘ from the Houston, Texas-based indie rock/pop instrumental artist/producer Abandon the Fall, is that finding-the-strength-from-withing single to reach those heights that sometimes seem so far away. With so many people – even some friends – wishing for your downfall, you get the sense that this is the mountain reaching single we all need to bathe into.

Finding the right path is hard enough, as you need to look deeper within to truly succeed.

Hear this beautiful new track on Spotify and see more on the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen