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They Taking My Money: Superlative South African artist Evida fights bravely on to dust off those cash-grabbing ‘Demons’ (feat. Luna Florentino)

With his much-anticipated new album ‘Mirror For A Miracle‘ on the way soon and after moving into the solo universe lately, Evida returns with his latest hit single that eloquently sums up the current climate in his troubled homeland of South Africa called ‘Demons(feat. Luna Florentino).

Evida is a highly skilled Johannesburg-based Afro-pop/Euro-dance solo project from the multi-talented and award-winning music producer, singer-songwriter, and much-respected South African artist Liam Jones.

Originally a group project, Liam is now striking out on his own as his brother and partner, chose to focus on their personal lives.” ~ Evida

With a sensationally striking beat that brightly lights up your sluggish mood like a match on petrol, you feel the rare quality swirling into your curious mind as you take a step back to immerse yourself in such a high class single. The vocals are crisp and pure, with supremely articulate lyrics that are so honest – and let you into the mindset of self-aware souls – who know where they are headed in this strange rat race.

Demons(feat. Luna Florentino) from the excellent Johannesburg, South Africa-based music producer/singer-songwriter and two-time SAMA (South African Music Awards) nominated artist Evida, is a treasure chest of truth that opens up with an unlatching of lyrical and beat-making skills, that captures your imagination so vividly. These are two quality artists who know that the demons are hunting them, but choose to rise up consummately above it all, to find their true path instead of finding the easy way out like so many weakly do.

This is one of those true summer classics that needs much more love as we all fight through the darkness inside our easy to-grow selfish souls – to find that self-enlightening light within – to be better in all aspects of our life.

Stream this world class new single on Spotify and see more of his gold-finding adventures via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Find Your Spirit: South African music producer Kindred Music SA drops crisp atmospheric ambient EP to heal our souls with ‘Before We Dream’

After having our hungry bodies grooving in utter delight with his ‘Exposed‘ album from March 2021, Kindred Music SA returns triumphantly with more delightful tunes to help us replenish our lost energies with his six-track release called ‘Before We Dream‘.

Mckai Du Toit aka Kindred Music SA, is a prolific Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa-based ambient composer, DJ, and music producer. He makes that sky-gazing soundscape and thumping foot-tapping techno influenced vibe, which has you looking around calmly, and finding true peace through the ear-warming music.

Kindred Music SA started playing acoustic instruments at an early age, inspired by rock, soul, reggae and jazz from the era of the early 60’s, up to the late 90’s.” – Kindred Music SA

All six track are rather sizzling like a tasty classic Spur burger, however particular gems must be ‘Day Dream‘ and ‘Counting Sheep‘. These are sure-fire winners that has your curious lips tingling in admiration and your blood-thirsty heart beating rather quickly – as you imagine being on that sweaty dance floor – and pulling out all those moves you have been aching to use again.

Before We Dream‘ from the hard-working South African music producer, DJ and owner of Pocket Food Audio named Kindred Music SA, shows us a home-studio made collection of superb songs, which will surely help you feeling so glorious again. This is a skillful musician who is clearly only getting better, as he has us daydreaming rather sweetly again.

Hear his marvelous creation on Spotify and see more of his vision via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Where Will We Go: Moonlight Rhythm Society show us that soulfully sultry jazz on ‘Allison’

With 2020 shutting the world down into mask-filled darkness, Moonlight Rhythm Society used this opportunity to make beautifully crafted music and ‘Allison‘, is the first of seven much-anticipated releases from true underground legends of their craft.

Austrian Expats Marcus Oberlecher and Andreas Oberlechner started working with Peter Gaylord back in the early 80’s in Johannesburg, South Africa, where their bond grew close and the three-piece jazz trio have been working together ever since.

”The uncertainties and inherent difficulties in making a living out of the music industry led to Andreas and Marcus obtaining university qualifications in law and science respectively with Peter active in the running of the medieval themed restaurant that also provided an outlet to perform his music.”- Moonlight Rhythm Society

With their soulful tone streaming through your curious speakers, they lift through all the current climates to expertly simmer in a song that has you smiling again. They are so delightful and you can’t help but smile broadly while tapping your feet to a wonderful melody that has you in a joyful mood to embrace the new possibilities, that are there if you want them enough.

Allison‘ from Johannesburg-based jazz three-piece Moonlight Rhythm Society, is a terrific single from true musicians who do this for the love, as they let us into that old school feeling that is hard to find these days.

Stream this jazzy wonderland of sounds for the mind to heal with on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Johannesburg producer HYMR impresses on futuristic marvel ‘Artificial Intelligence’

The City of Gold in South Africa is the home of producer HYMR and he returns to wave the flag of his country proudly on electro road-trip ‘Artificial Intelligence‘.

Written as a musical abstract painting, ‘Artificial Intelligence‘ is the latest album to come from South African producer HYMR. Considering technology as both a solution and threat, ‘Artificial Intelligence‘ focuses on fundamental issues affecting the world and mainly the threat of pollution and climate change.

A self taught pianist, HYMR has been seeking out music from a young age. He loved playing pianos anywhere he could find them- in school, in shops and in hostels.

The highlights on this album in my eyes are definitely ‘Polluted Planet‘, ‘Here We Are‘ and ‘We Belong Together‘. The production is extra special here and the music takes you into a new world. I close my eyes and imagine the world in a better place, away from all the destruction that it faces.

Johannesburg producer HYMR takes us on a wild journey through the ups and downs of AI and the way he has constructed ‘Artificial Intelligence‘ is quite impressive. With the troubles in his home country, South Africa should be proud of this fantastic producer who will surely be getting lots of calls about festivals in 2021.

Stream the new album right here on Spotify.

Click here for the Facebook page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

South African artist Black Poze gets the crowds dancing with ”Zama Zama”

Black Poze, otherwise known as Legrigamba, is a hybrid music artist affectionately known to his fans as “Sotho Rap Genius“. Poze has a Sotho lyrical prowess fused with his new found Western influences. Hailing from South Africa and he was born in Welkom in the dusty Free State. For music reasons, Poze is now based in Germiston, Gauteng. Known as the City of Gold, Johannesburg has a massive say in the African Hip Hop scene. It is here where artists do their best to stand out and get on those massive lineups.

Zama Zama” is the new release from Black Poze and he pulls out all the stops here. With a signature flow and powerful production, he is in the high leagues of professional Hip Hop artists. I like how he goes for it on the song and it’s very catchy. The chorus is bound to be sung loudly this coming summer in South Africa when venues can open up again.

Stream this new track right here on the artists Spotify music page.

For more info be sure to check out his Facebook music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

LaiLaiTee reminds us to always have love ”On Your Mind”

Tokunbo Samuel aka LaiLaiTee is an Irish-Nigerian singer-songwriter and producer. Recently, he relocated to Johannesburg in South Africa to study and record music. LaiLaiTee describes his style of music as Afro-fusion and that’s exactly the vibe going there. It’s Africa to the core and I personally love it. Being South African born, this reminds me of some wild parties and music to bounce to while in the mini-bus taxi headed to work.

On Your Mind” is a well-produced song that is passionately delivered with outstanding vigor from a clearly talented artist. This is a man who knows what is wants and is finding out what is on her mind. He wants clarity and won’t stop until he has the answer. LaiLaiTee is currently in the City of Gold in South Africa where he will find the biggest music industry in Southern Africa. He has a big future and big things are set to come. You can feel his willingness to put in 100% and not expect anything given to him.

Stream this new track right here on Spotify.

Head to his Facebook page to get more info on future gigs.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Peaceful energy by South African singer Beverly Jayne on her beautiful single ”Breathe”

When you are thinking too much it can be easy to forget something so simple like breathing. You get caught up in the moment and overthink for hours while pilling up worries like rocks in your backpack. Eventually you are going to be weighed down while climbing that mountain and fall back. Rolling down that hill will be sore but you will learn. Taking that breath will make you feel lighter and happier.

Beverly Jayne is one of the great female rock singers in South Africa and has made her mark fronting SA band Concussion Girl. From growing up with a rocker dad to her music teacher Gran- Beverly was always destined to be on stage. She is renowned as a phenomenal live performer with a distinctively unique vocal style. I get in lost in her voice and I feel like this artist deserves the biggest possible stage.

Breathe” is a strong song and gets you thinking about your hopes and dreams. The track is simple but effective and I suddenly start breathing more while remembering that everything is going to be okay. I’m excited by Beverly Jayne’s song and it makes me feel happy. This is an artist with real stories and soul. She has played all of the country and hopefully will get a chance to tour overseas so that new fans can be born.

Click on the YouTube link to hear this good song and get more from this wonderfully talented musician.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Folk-Rock artist Bruce Dennill shows the world his quality with reflective single ‘’Don’t Let Me Be the Reason That You Leave’’

Based in the City of Gold, Johannesburg in South Africa, well-known singer-songwriter Bruce Dennill is back with a new song and it’s a very touching track. Possibly losing the one that you care about the most is the theme here and he puts his heart and soul into this one.

With top South African Booking Agent Jack Rahme in his corner, Bruce has established himself as one of the best singer-songwriters around. Performing live since 1990, you can hear that Bruce is totally comfortable in his skin and his powerful voice is in full flow on ‘’Don’t Let Me Be the Reason That You Leave’’. 

Inspired by Paul Simon, Dave Matthews Band, Bruce Springsteen just to name a few, Bruce has released a really good track that is sure to be popular with music fans, young and old. With more music to come including a duet with the fantastic Megan Victor-Carelse, Bruce Dennill is making a big name for himself and we hope for more quality releases.

Look for more songs from Bruce on Spotify as he establishes himself internationally and takes the next step upwards.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

EL-Shaheen has released ‘She Dreams Away’

South African musician EL-Shaheen has dropped single ‘She Dreams Away’ an upbeat and catchy piece.

The sound of rain crashing against the floor to start the track, as the distorted vocals begin to come through. The Rap takes the lead with its slow pace, ensuring you can hear each word, clearly keeping this steady flow.

Adding in them electronic style sound effects that hover over the vocals, intertwining this infectious melody and smooth vocals that bounce off one another, with the added in effect of the rain and the distorted vocal that comes in and then begins to fade out. A piece that has this energetic melody to it and a feel good tune.

Listen to EL-Shaheen’s single She Dreams Away by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Karley Myall

A&R Factory Present: Christian Heath

Christian Heath is more than just your average man. A husband, father and diving instructor, the 31 year old is also a bona fide singer songwriter. While many may recognise him from the 2009 group of the same name, the Johannesburg based artist has since embarked on a solo career and is looking to take things to a new level.

Since the band’s inception, Christian has had four songs chart in top ten positions across various
stations, including 947, Jacaranda, East Coast Radio and more. Not one to brag, he believes that a good song, no matter the genre or trends of the time, will thrive. This sets the benchmark for his solo material, and those who know his previous works, will know it’s not often he fails to do so.
For many, music is a part of our daily lives, but for some, it’s as vital as the water we drink. For Christian, music was a part of growing up. Born and bred in East London, Christian started vocal training at age 7 and hasn’t looked back since. As with most singer songwriters, he spent the better part of his varsity years playing and singing in pubs and restaurants around Port Elizabeth, before relocating to Johannesburg in search of bigger and better things.

The band was a great training ground and the experiences are unforgettable. The singer recorded various singles in Hollywood and has opened for top South Africa acts, such as Prime Circle, Louise Carver, Jason Hartman and more. The most important lesson he took from this experience however, is that “If you don’t believe in yourself, no one will.”

Moreover, he says: “Work hard to get what you want cause no one will do that for you.” While he misses the brotherhood of a band, Christian wanted to return to his roots. With more control over his work, he can create the kind of music he would want to listen to. He says, “I am in control of everything and every decision no matter the outcome is my own.”

Asked what inspires his songwriter, Christian cites his family. Family is 200% behind everything he does and as much apart of the journey as he is. “They are everything to me,” he says. With his priorities in check, Christian, with his guitar in arm is ready to tackle the world, one hit single at a time.