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JoeJas scribed the ultimate sonic manifesto in how to be free with his high-vibe rap track, Escape

Speaking directly to the freaks, geeks, and losers, the latest single, Escape, from the high-vibe emissary, JoeJas, is the ultimate sonic manifesto on how to break down the walls that construct self-confidence-crushing prison bars around your psyche.

With punchy lines in the vein of “picked on but never picked me”, JoeJas and his relatable compassion proved that the vicious tendencies of schoolyard bullies and all their crucifying criticism shouldn’t be the blueprint for your self-worth.

The empowering lyricism is only matched by the euphorically jazzy retro hip-hop aesthetics that are strong enough to put you on a new plateau and shift your perception until you can see your own idiosyncrasies as something to embrace; authenticity is a currency that will never lose its market value.

By matching the vibrancy of the production with the youthfully bright colours in the music video, which dropped on September 9th, JoeJas delivered an infectiously upraising track with Escape; catch the self-worth fever by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Straight Chilling: JoeJas is in a conquering mood on visuals for Lax

Making another wild tune which will slow down all minds while twisting it at the same time, JoeJas slides up those SpongeBob socks and shall entertain all listeners with the catchy new track Lax.

JoeJas aka Fat Llama is a wildly entertaining abstract UK-based music producer and artist who also goes under the name of HairyMuffinMan.

Known for his sharp-witted humour and progressive mindset to make music no one else in the world does, JoeJas astounds yet again on Lax and displays rather unique tendencies on this rather wonderful single.

Lax from UK-based alt-rap artist JoeJas is the kinda weird track which many just love for its authenticity and love. Showing us deep inside his creative brain and not stopping for a second, this is the kind of brave release which deserves special sauce for its mind-bending style.

A quality anthem awaits anyone who likes things a bit different to the boring norm.

Check the video style on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

JoeJas unveiled the hottest hip hop single of the summer with ‘Sally’s Last Dance’

It’s all in the vibe in the London, UK-hailing rapper and producer, JoeJas’ latest single Sally’s Last Dance. His charisma has always been unapologetically his own, but the endearingness of it knew no bounds in this cute and nerdy music video, which sells exactly what sets JoeJas apart, his infectious glass-half-full attitude that is contagious enough to start a new pandemic of optimism

If Andre 3000 and Daft Punk hit the spot for you, JoeJas will hit it even harder with his colourfully urban art-conscious instrumentals and honeyed RnB hip hop vox.

The official music video for Sally’s Last Dance officially premiered on the 30th of May. You can check it out for yourselves via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

JoeJas refuses to change for anybody on his mind-bending new single, ‘SUEDEFLIPS!’

With his honest Llama vibes that is like no one else in the whole wide world, JoeJas shows us his mentality that will never conform to the normal and sprays his vastly entertaining flows that show us his wildly creative mind on, ‘SUEDEFLIPS!

JoeJas is a UK-based abstract indie Hip hop artist with a real character who also goes under the music producer name of, HairyMuffinMan.

Gliding skillfully through the maze-packed garden and backing it up with sizzling rhythms that might catch you off guard at first, JoeJas displays his unique approach to his chosen art form – with a fascinating effect that you surely have to appreciate – no matter what you think of his skills. In a world full of lazy copycats who just want to drink the same milk that ultimately causes indigestion, this is a way out from that messy planet as we enter a new universe from an artist who is just being himself.

SUEDEFLIPS!‘ from the UK Hip hop artist and music producer JoeJas, is a brace-gapping track from a young musician who has stayed the same and doesn’t care what others think of his vibes. He sends us a thoroughly fun music video as he shows his loyalty to those who backed him from day 1, while he vows to never change and be true to his own personality no matter what happens in this highly promising career.

Check out this original music video on YouTube and see more news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

JoeJas took high vibe hip hop to new heights with 2 Truck J

Alt hip hop artist, JoeJas, has dropped his most experimental track to date with 2 Truck J. Like many hip hop artists, he finds influence in the jazzy grooves of old school hip hop, but he goes far beyond assimilation with the dark and discordant electronica textures that he throws into his high vibe tracks.

With the Pokemon and Mario references in the bars, there is no denying there is a hint of nerdcore nestled in here, but JoeJas retains his convictive cool right up until the outro. 2 Truck J is one of those tragically rare tracks that uplift through their sheer eccentricity. It is no surprise that JoeJas has amassed over 48k streams on Spotify alone with some of his top tracks.

2 Truck J is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Techno meets jazz in JoeJas’ latest experimental hip hop track, ‘VENTURE?’

Any fans of Beardyman, Qemists and Fatboy Slim won’t want to hang around on the latest single to be released by alt hip hop artist and producer JoeJas.

‘VENTURE?’ is a playful aural assault constructed with elements of techno, experimental house, boom bap hip hop and jazz that won’t fail to leave you adrenalized and endeared in equal measure.

JoeJas lost none of his credibility by utilising his quirky personality. Instead, his roguish attitude runs right through the grooving progressive mix, giving you a taste of his authenticity that will leave you insatiable for his soulful style that carries reminiscence to that of artists such as Andre 3000 and Childish Gambino. Along with his solo work, JoeJas also produces under the moniker HairyMuffinMan; which goes some way in explaining how the mix in VENTURE? pulled together so tightly in spite of the seemingly contrasting textures.

You can check out the official music video that premiered on May 8th via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast