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Joyeur clarifies that she isn’t interested in the repetitive 21 questions with ‘Don’t Wanna T’

With the skilled assistance of her longtime production collaborator Anna Feller, Joyeur shows her lover that she is comfortable with just eye contact that is away from that needless chatter that can drown your vital emotions into the bath on ‘Don’t Wanna T‘.

Joelle Corey aka Joyeur (Jo for short) is a Los Angeles, California-based indie alternative-RnB solo artist who makes a catchy blend of speaker-soothing music.

Anna and I made this song in my studio apartment under the Hollywood sign. I was frustrated with and exhausted by someone who had to discuss every morsel of information entering and exiting their mind. I desperately wanted them to be in the present with me, but they could only analyze the future or dissect the past. I didn’t know it at the time, but this was me processing the beginning of the end of that relationship.” ~ Joyeur

Sizzling so superbly with her riveting vocals and introspective lyrics that certainly catches your attention and changes your perspective, Joyeur is on top form with a breathtaking display – that seems to capture your thoughts – and show you that keeping things simple and natural is actually the way forward after all.

Don’t Wanna T‘ from Los Angeles, California-based indie alternative-RnB solo artist Joyeur is an important story all about showing that you aren’t keen on apologies or hearing about that past. This is the look-for-the-future single we all needed to hear, to lead us away from the pesky noise and into that self-enlightened movement that will change your whole soul into a better place. Struck with a beat so potent you might need a cold shower, this is a splendid single that shall shake your mind alive with ideas on how to make those important relationships work as they should.

Listen in to this new single on Soundcloud and see more via her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen