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80s post-punk meets classic rock in Jimi Hemp’s debut EP ‘The Lockdown Tapes’

Jimi Hemp

80s post-punk coalesces with classic rock in the lead track, ‘Gods Run’ from Jimi Hemp’s debut EP, ‘The Lockdown Tapes’. Driving angular guitars amp up the energy within the anthemically atmospheric release while the rock vocals are sweet enough with their despondency to leave you placated as you listen to the passion-fuelled release run through.

If Echo and the Bunny Men collaborated with Bryan Adams, I’m fairly certain that the aural result wouldn’t be all too far from what is contained in the viscerally captivating single.

Recently, I’ve found gratitude for a great number of things, Jimi Hemp finishing their tracks which have been on the shelf for decades to make their debut is definitely up there. In a time when ennui is hard to break through, their EP has plenty of feelings to spare.

The Lockdown Tapes is available to stream on all major platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast