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Northern Irish multi-instrumentalist Michael-Jay mellows us up with classic soulful ”Stay Tuned”

This is a soothing melody of utmost beauty and a calming influence. The topic is ironic as we need to stay tuned with what is going on in 2020. We need to hold on tight and stay together during these tornado blowing times.

This is soulful jazz of the highest order. There are no vocals on Michael-Jay’s new track called ”Stay Tuned” and I am feeling the journey. I feel like this is a perfect song to chill out to on a Sunday evening with a glass of wine. So much chill with bass-filled solo’s at the end which makes the song complete in my ears.

Michael’s music production is a live blend of Tom Misch, FKJ & John Mayer. These influences mesh together tightly like a waterlily wrap of beautifully arranged blends to rescue us from this sad world.

Facebook is the place to find out for about this Northern Ireland musician.

Stream this wonderful instrumental track that chills up down right here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


TheFemiFactor ”Last Summer” Remix ft Anna Gray is the song we need right now

With a playful start, a background sound that reminded me of a Mario and Yoshi video game, followed by the sultry voice of a goddess named Anna Gray. You just know this is going to be a hit and it exceeds all expectations. Thank you The FemiFactor.

His new 6 track EP called ”Feels Like Summer” is here and this particular track is exclusive on YouTube. Last Summer” Remix contains strong bass beats and a vibe that is so positive that my head just can’t stop nodding in tasty delight.

The FemiFactor has ripped off the band-aid to 2020 and together with the fantastic Anna Grey’s jazzy soul crispy vocals, has just officially opened up summer. With clever lyrics, plenty of audibles, a laid-back beat that I just want to hug, ‘Last SummerRemix will make us all forget about previous blunders and has given us all a song to truly bounce with.

Click here for the exclusive YouTube release of the song that isn’t available anywhere else.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


The incredible Kellindo shows us his solo chops with sun-gazing ”Summertime”

With a start so fresh you just want to keep it chilled in the freezer. The lead guitarist for singer Janelle Monae, steps up to the solo mic and sends through good time vibes to our hungry souls. This could be the summer anthem for all of those who need some motivation. Kellindo is here to build us up and his single ”Summertime” just heals everything.

With a 70’s vibe all over this track, lots of solos that last for ages in a truly beautiful manner, this is a happy kind of song that needs to be played all over the world.

A quality singer-songwriter himself, Kellindo shines on his new single ”Summertime”. The guitar skills are absolutely legendary, the way he creates sounds is such a pleasure to witness. I feel like he had a a lot of fun making this and just wants to help the world celebrate that good summer the right way. The beat is funky and I feel like I’m sitting on the beach, shades on, grooving away with a refreshment in my one hand and a big smile slapped all over my sun-kissed face. What a song.

Stream this excellent musician right here on his Spotify channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Jessica Curran’s Release Video For Well Crafted Song ‘Weightless’

There are certain musical styles that never seem to find a wider audience no matter how much talent can be found within. Weightless by Jessica Curran is a track that just might be able to pull in some pop diehards to appreciate the sounds of analog instruments and soulful sway. If vape lounges growing like weeds across America can signal anything for music, can it mean a concerted effort to bringing lounge music into fashion? Please?

This is a song built for stage and yet the recording doesn’t feel burnt from a lack of context. Curran’s stunning vocals are enough to pull the listener into a more intimate scene where without facial expressions, without bodily movements, without an atmosphere of coffee and socializing, we can still feel like we’re experiencing something. Weightless balances jazzy basslines and piano with a string arrangement that powerfully takes over in moments when vocals are absent. There’s never a dull moment and it’s hard to imagine someone wanting to hear anything else once Curran starts singing. This is a well-crafted song and we can only hope it’s an omen of the future.