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Jason Norfleet drops ‘old-skool and funky’ new single ‘Don’t You Know’

Hailing from Westbury, Connecticut, Jason Norfleet – a.k.a. DJ Maestro 1 – drops his new single, ‘Don’t You Know’, a mix of eighties slow groove hip hop, gospel, and R’n’B that’s unashamedly old-skool and funky. Autotune-swathed vocals a la T-Pain and ‘Lil Wayne mixed up with Hail talk-box funk guitar make ‘Don’t You Know’ a retro-tinged classic with a contemporary update, Norfleet’s gospel-heavy vocal a perfect match for the track.

Already a nominee for both Gospel Choice Music Awards and Tampa Bay Gospel Awards this year, multi-instrumentalist Norfleet’s production – all classic TR-808 beats, handclaps, and thumping sequenced bass – carries the track, mixed with several sets of harmony vocals and Norfleet’s upfront lead. It’s a great track, with some proper flow and genuine R’n’B groove.

Check out ‘You Don’t Know’ on YouTube, and follow Jason Norfleet on Facebook.

Review by Alex Holmes