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Jared Harper has unleashed his garagey indie anthem, ‘All for Me’.

Jared Harper

Plenty of people became familiar with San Francisco’s Jared Harper’s smoother than smooth falsetto vocals through his  audition on The Voice that saw him put a roguishly sweet rendition of The Rolling Stones’ iconic track, Satisfaction. The audition has garnered over half a million streams on YouTube, but discernibly, singer-songwriter comes into his own by bringing his original material to life. His latest single, All for Me, is the perfect example.

In All for Me, Jared Harper carries his influences in his vintage guitar tones. Any fans of the Strokes will get the same buzz from the kicking instrumental progressions that create an anthemic platform for Harper’s endlessly imploring vocals that would have sent 60s psych-pop fans into hysterics back in the day.

He’s perfected the art of the pop-rock choruses, but All for Me is so much more than your average baseless earworm. The single is an invitation to listeners to seize the day and break out of periods of stagnation; you almost don’t need the lyrics to say anything; the over-driven fuzzed-up instrumentals will leave you psyched until the outro.

You can hear All for Me via Spotify and SoundCloud, or by heading over to his official website.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

‘If I Can’t Have You’ from Jared Harper is a sad love story for the modern world

Having racked up over 600,000 views on YouTube following his blind audition on The Voice Season 18, Jared Harper is a young singer-songwriter on a mission to make music, He is back with the latest single called ‘If I Can’t Have You‘.

With heavy influence from the grand times in music: 50s, 60s, and 70s from the lines written by Lennon and McCartney to the melodies created at Motown. This is a well-crafted track that is so effortlessly performed. We are in the midst of seeing a master at work, one so young but with an old soul.

If I Can’t Have You‘ from San Francisco, California based singer-songwriter Jared Harper is a love journey to find the one. You want to be with them so badly but perhaps the timing is slightly off. The care of this new track is for all to see, the indie-folk musings are so eloquently portrayed and this is one for the books. A rare song that is sung with that authentic style that is so often missing in the music world. This is an underground legend that is waiting to be found.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen