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Right Away: cadeu drops illuminating new electronic wave on don’t ask again (feat. Janaé E)

Sizzling our noses and causing many hearts to beat slightly quicker than normal, cadeu shall stimulate even the sleepiest minds on the thunderbolt of electricity we all need to hear on don’t ask again (feat. Janaé E).

cadeu is a German-based indie electronic artist and music producer who summons the creative forces within to launch a catapult-like avalanche of intent on each soundtrack for the masses.

Untruth can reveal itself on a scale of different volumes. On one end of it, there’s brazen lies that hurt and cause damage by the sheer fact of their existence. On the other end, there are lies that aim to make feel better, by surrounding with the protection of not knowing.” ~ cadeu

Rising through the cloudy skies and drizzling only superb spirit and imagination, cadeu has found the sweet spot of our ravenous palates and has made something rather memorable indeed.

don’t ask again (feat. Janaé E) from German-based indie electronic artist and music producer cadeu is a potent track which will surely trigger splendid memories for many hungry souls. Deep in heart and packed with dance floor energy, this is an energetic experience to slide the feet of millions who want to be free again.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen