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Scottish Acid project producer duo Wraiths light up our mood with ‘Midnight Son’

Wraiths are a stomping acid project duo that was formed by James Allan and Colin Mckellar who turn a depressing day into a translucent one with plenty to be excited about on ‘Midnight Son‘.

The beat blows down any pre-conceived notions about this genre you might of had. This is the plug that sparks life into a dull party and wakes up anyone that thinks they can sleep during this absolute ripper of a dance track.

This song reminds you of the Blade franchise as it is perfectly made for those sweaty clubs that oozes fun, mystery and lots of dance floor sliding as you work off all of that frustration that has been building up from lack of fulfillment.

This is the type of track to play on a Friday night after a boring week at work with mates who are keen to have an epic time with no worries, talk about politics or the mundane. The body might feel tender the next day but who cares anyway. Life is meant to be a ride into the unknown.

Scottish duo Wraiths tear it up so good on ‘Midnight Son‘ and this is an acid dance track that will have the whole crowd in raptures when it can be played live again. With a dirty beat that makes you hot, this is the type of music that keeps the heart rate up and the mood on cloud nine.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Scottish duo Wraiths are intriguing with their 10 minute dark house ‘Collective Paranoia’

Taken off ‘Collective Paranoia EP‘, Wraiths return with the fantastic new song, which is one of two songs off the release.

Collective Paranoia‘ from Wraiths is a 10 minute journey through the earth. The background noises are quite wonderful and you feel like you are travelling all over the globe. Spacey-effects change this, you might be floating all over the galaxy. There is ominous laughing and the breath-taking build takes you to a new and exciting place. This is a terrific trance-house journey that by the end, has your heart beating very fast.

Wraiths are a power producer duo from Scotland. Founded by James Allan and Colin Mckellar, they come together randomly and the partnership has proven successful. James was a part of Public Domain, a widely known electronic group in the early 2000’s. Colin comes from the other side of the musical spectrum as he was in the heavy metal and indie scene. These two have come from different places but have built up a powerful team.

Their famous Roland TB-303 is in top form, with infuses to boost their productions clear to see, eager to convey an organic, raw, and moody, dark and distinctive sound. ‘Collective Paranoia‘ from Wraiths is a fine song, full promise.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen