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Last Time: Jack Bibb drops debut track all about wishing you had a chance to say more on ‘Away’

As he closes his tired eyes and recalls a happier time in his life that ended so suddenly, Jack Bibb shows us the pain which has entrenched his soul and is weighing him down underneath the seas of his tears with ‘Away‘.

Jack Bibb is a youthful American indie Pop/RnB singer-songwriter who has recently re-branded himself and is ready for the next exciting step in his career.

Jack is a huge supporter of people being able to express their emotions in a way that is positive and still promotes mental health. It’s okay to be sad just like it’s okay to be happy, as long as it’s in the right environment.” ~ Jack Bibb

Away‘ from the American indie Pop/RnB singer-songwriter Jack Bibb, is the sad story about feeling like your heart has been broken into small pieces all over the ocean. You know that they didn’t mean to make you feel this way but it happened anyway, as you take the much-needed time to heal up and move into calmer waters. Made with a reflective tone and filled with a love-torn feeling, this is a track to turn on when you are feeling a bit down and need to get those emotions out.

Hear this debut track on his Spotify and see what comes next on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen