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Never Giving Up: ShiroNeko inspires hope with sparkling new single ‘LACRIMA’

As you feel her passionate voice shine through the darkness to bring in the sunrise that will embrace us all, ShiroNeko is so inspired by the Kimetsu no Yaiba anime series that she has brought out a memorable release that will have you feeling positive again on ‘LACRIMA(「鬼滅の刃」アニメに感銘を受けた).

ShiroNekoShiro (シロ) is a skillful Hungarian singer-songwriter, who sings J-POP and anime songs in Japanese. She delightfully brings her creations to life with her resplendent style that is such an incredible listen.

“”LACRIMA” is about the feelings when you feel lost, when you feel like you are in an endless dark maze and can’t find your way out. It is about overcoming hardships and trying to stay strong, that even though it can be very difficult and hard in life, you still should go against the current and don’t ever give up.” – ShiroNekoShiro (シロ)

You feel her breathtaking voice burst into your ears with a caring tone that leads you into the right lane, her vocals feel like they are carrying you away from all the sorrows of the current times, she is the guiding light and you feel so warm and happy with her right beside you.

‘LACRIMA’ (「鬼滅の刃」アニメに感銘を受けた) from the mega-talented indie singer-songwriter ShiroNeko Shiro (シロ), is that authentically created piece of pure music that has a clean message of hope, no matter what clouds and rainstorms are around us.  Finding a way out of the treacherous maze to seeing light again, is the only way to bringing that smile back to your dial after all.

Stream this lovely new Japanese language single on Spotify and see her story on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

J Pop-Punk Rock to blast loud: RinRin puts shade on fake former friends via debut single ‘The Game’

RinRin is a stylish Philippine-born singer-songwriter, guitarist, pop-punk music writer & producer who is a proudly Perth, Australia local. She drops into the solo music world barrel of a wave with her debut track titled ‘The Game’.

With a rampaging rock style and excellent vocals, you can tell that this young lady has been in the music game for a while and since she was 13, RinRin has been showing her skills to everyone around in her father’s cover band. With school and a blossoming solo career, this is a busy artist who seems to love every second of the ride, no matter what detours come across her path.

The story about how some people take you for granted is so relevant in the often-selfish world. You can always be there for your friends but some of them just take and take, with no thought of what their actions cause. This is a moment of maturity when you realize this and decide to move on without them. The scary part is that most of the time, they won’t even call or message you to see why you have gone quiet, instead making a scene when you bump into them again, putting all the blame on you. The ultimate manipulation is easy to see when you know what to look for.

Her guitar smashes the weak windows around and the production is so well put together. Her voice is fresh and honest, the Punk-Rock melodies bring back memories of top music from the 90’s. There is so much to like here and the message is riveting and stories how some just want to play games. This is an old soul that isn’t messing around. She believes in herself and this is a musician who can see the bigger picture.

A woman on a mission to get her solo music out to the world, RinRin blasts the speakers off the floor on ‘The Game’. She likes it loud and this is probably the best wake-up track I’ve heard in 2020. Turn it up and remember your goals you know you can obtain; not the fake people that just want to steal your good energy and greedily use it for their selfish ways.

Stream this new track via Spotify and find her on socials via FB & IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen