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It Feels OK

esperr tries to figure out how to keep this flame burning bright on ‘It Feels OK’

Taken from his brand new 8-track release called ‘Foxes‘, esperr unlocks the door and shows us deeply into what he is sensing right now in a world that has been rather cruel lately on ‘It Feels OK‘.

esperr aka Benjamin Roberti is a 19-year-old rural Pennsylvania-born indie singer-songwriter, music producer and sound engineer.

Benjamin’s music focuses on deeply personal yet ambiguous songwriting mixed with digital and somewhat ethereal feeling soundscapes with texturized vocal manipulation.” ~ esperr

Loaded with analog synthesizers and a distorted output, esperr delights with a storming track that rains down with some aplomb, taking us into a studious place of ponder inside all of our relationships. With a searing sound that is truly his own, this is a welcome addition to our playlists when we feel like taking time out to meditate our worries away into the distance.

A lot of the subject matter in Benjamin’s music is focused on discussing feelings of isolation, and loneliness.” ~ esperr

It Feels OK‘ from Pennsylvania-born indie singer-songwriter/music producer esperr¬†is an experimental release of epic proportions. Performed with a highly introspective style, this is a single that will shake your spine and make you unwind as you look inside your life and work out if everything will actually be okay.

Working out all the angles is so important, so that you can cut out anything that makes you unhappy.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen