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Building Rockets Band knows that the phone calls should be more regularly dialled on, ‘Dear Friend’

Fueled from their debut 11-track album called ‘How to Bridge the Gap‘, Building Rockets Band remind us that friendships can fade away sometimes as life occasionally takes over unexpectedly on, ‘Dear Friend‘.

Building Rockets Band is an Ironton, Ohio-based indie alternative 4-piece band who have made a name for themselves on their local circuit with a genuine mixture of soul-healing gems.

From backgrounds in rock, Americana, classical, bluegrass, big band, indie, and country the musicians of Building Rockets each bring their own unique flavor. Telling their stories of family, love, life, and loss through edgy, genre-crossing musicality.” ~ Building Rockets Band

Bringing us a memorable single that encapsulates so many humans who have just reached their 30s, Building Rockets Band sends us into a former world of joy and sadness, that is rather hard to explain if you have lost touch without explanation. Sung with sincere emotion and conveying forth a marvellous melody, this is a track to close your eyes with and recall those special memories that are stuck in your mind forever.

Influenced by their country roots, rock rebellion, the blues, and everything in between every song brings something different.” ~ Building Rockets Band

Dear Friend‘ from Ironton, Ohio-based indie alternative 4-piece band Building Rockets Band is one of those nostalgic soundtracks that take you into a flashback that reminds you of the past and those happy times. Feeling guilty that you haven’t been around more as your footpath moved in a different direction, this is a song to certainly reflect on as you ponder what truly happened.

Picking up that phone to call an old friend, is one way to get those memories flooding back.

Listen to this catchy track on Soundcloud and see more on the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen