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Cork’s prodigal sons of hard rock Outsound obliterated the boundaries between metal and grunge in ‘Adeline’

The debut LP, Megatherium, from the Irish hard rock raconteurs, Outsound, is finally upon us. After outgrowing their roots as a Chris Cornell tribute act and forming Outsound in 2018, the powerhouse has moved from strength to strength in their illustrious career following a string of successful independently released singles.

Blurring the lines between grunge, heavy metal, blues and hard rock, the standout single from the LP, Adeline, is a rhythmically fierce firestorm, which twists a FNM-style bass-driven intro into a syncopated stream of prog rock before the blazing guitars start cutting the record with virtuosic chops and the bouncing breakdowns bring the energy.

At the eye of the sonic storm lies the harmonised vocal lines that wrap themselves around lyrics that are enough to give Keats a run for his money. Songs named after women don’t always hit the universally resonant mark, but rather than lusting or lamenting over a protagonist, Outsound used Adeline as an opportunity to verse nihilistically romantic poetry which beds down into the beauty of the macabre.

Stream Adeline on Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Sakara’s Son gave grunge a psychedelic kick with their single, Crying Shame

Sakara's Son

Irish alt-rock artist, Sakara’s Son, gave their grungy alt-90s single, Crying Shame, a bluesy psychedelic garage rock kick and proved just how mind-melting Alice in Chains could have been if they were a little bolder with their distortion pedals.

After an early FNM-style intro, the swaying melodies give way to a sonic kaleidoscopic furore, forceful enough to leave the hair on the back of your neck give a standing ovation to Sakara’s Son.

There really is no overstating the level of energy and innovation contained in this scathingly veracious release, paired with the practically pornographic guitar solos, what more could you possibly ask for, other than the opportunity to experience that wall of noise live?

Stream Crying Shame on Spotify and Bandcamp; connect with Sakara’s Son on Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Nicolaas Walle And Friends show us what it means to be human in their latest release, Human Nature.

Scuzzy keys, theatrical crescendos and doom-laden vocals are just a few of the components in the latest release, ‘Human Nature’, by Ireland-based alternative artist Nicolaas Walle And Friends. The progressive two-track release will allow you to imagine what the War of the Worlds soundtrack would sound like if Depeche Mode and King Crimson lent their deft hands to the production.

Human Nature, Pt. 1 is a cosmonautical adventure through the avant-garde; after ominous male vocals and progressive instrumental alchemy that will be a hit with any fans of Rush or Genesis, female vocals bring a sense of fragility and mortality into the spacey mix that will set your imagination alight.

After making their debut in 2018, the self-produced multi-instrumentalist has enamoured plenty of the Emerald isle but discernibly, his sound boasts an international commercial potential that we can’t wait to see come into fruition in 2021 and beyond.

You can check out Human Nature for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

The underrated hero: Ireland’s Joe Hodgson shows undeniable class on ‘Fly Your Flag’

Fly Your Flag‘ is taken off the awe-inspiring debut release from Northern Irish guitarist Joe Hodgson and this is from the newly dropped ‘Apparitions‘ album which took three and a half years of painstaking effort to make the right way. His efforts have certainly been worth it as this is a modern day masterpiece.

After discovering Irish blues legend Rory Gallagher, the love for playing guitar was heightened to incredibly self-motivating levels. This is a man who is inspired by the greats while growing up in Co. Tyrone, and he wants to get his music out there to be heard all over the world.

‘I’ve tried to create something visceral and accessible that communicates not just with guitar aficionados, but also with the everyday person on the street’ – Joe Hodgson

The way he plays guitar is like nothing I’ve hear before. You can feel how he drives in like a hot car, swerving his way through detours of life and managing to get that checkered flag at the end, no matter what the obstacle was. The moving melodies are made with such undeniable greatness as he gives us a masterclass on how to properly engage in this fantastic instrument. Each break catches you off guard and you bob your head and tap you feet, admiring the quality here.

Fly Your Flag‘ from the mind-bending talent of Irish blues-rock guitarist Joe Hodgson is one of the best songs from 2020. He has taken a genre he loves and has morphed it into his own, flipping it around and will probably inspire generations after him. This is music that is truly special and needs to be listened to by young and old.

Hear this wonderfully created song on Joe’s Spotify and see what he does next on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Irish Indie Rock Duo Mute The TV have made their debut with their unique Brit Pop revival track “With You”

Up and coming Indie Duo Mute The TV’s debut single “With You” invites you to delve back into the nostalgia of Brit Pop whilst putting a brand-new sticky-sweet psychedelic spin on the iconic 90s sound.

With the increments of symphonic melodicism, the Irish duo’s dynamic approach to production and their tongue-in-cheek romantically enamouring lyrics, it’s impossible not to warm to this accordant tonally cathartic track. Any fans of Blur will definitely want Mute The TV on their radar.

We’re already stoked to hear what comes next. It’s not all too often that we get to hear debut tracks which are expressive as they are infectious.

You can check out Mute The TV’s debut single With You which was released on April 17th for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Chiefgroover & Co – Sunset: Rock Just Found Its New Power Source

Northern Ireland-based artist Chiefgroover & Co has recently released their album “Sunset”. If you’re looking for high-octane riffs your desire for aural filth will be well-sated by each of the gritty whiskey-soaked soundscapes.

With progressions arrestive enough for your breath to fall into rhythm with the soaring guitar licks and infectiously punchy choruses Chiefgroover & Co perceptibly are no average up and coming Rock band.

If there was any justice in the music industry, the sheer talent possessed by Chiefgroover & Co should see them outshine Fontaines DC in no time. They already boast an arena-ready sound, it’s only a matter of time if they persevere with their natural ability to construct euphorically raucous hits.

You can check out Chiefgroover & Co’s album for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast