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The Pursuit Of Pleasure: Irish band The Collision hungrily want it all on ‘Lemon Bake It’

With an cheeky grin and a collective passion, The Collision eagerly take the love-lost lessons of the past, into a new world of discovery via their latest single called ‘Lemon Bake It‘.

Irish four-piece indie-rock act The Collision, diligently smash into our lives with a well-oiled single all about that inner desire, that deep feeling in your bones that you can’t really explain, as you just know it is there.

His voice pulls you in deeply, the story of that hedonistic understanding that you aim for in life, as you meet different people and decide who can take you on this trip of a lifetime.

They band are in-sync as they play with our emotions, binding together and providing a warm and fascinating experience that you will probably blush about. Shake it naked is the aim here and they honestly reflect their emotions with a sensual single, all about those darkest desires of passion.

Lemon Bake It‘ from Irish indie-rockers The Collision, warms your body as you think about that person who you desire so much to be with, as your mind wonders into a place you didn’t know existed until now.

See the video, hear this tasty song on Spotify and see more adventures on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Mute the TV – Only the Good Times Matter: Anthemically Exuberant Wholesome Indie Pop

There was no forgetting Mute the TV after having the pleasure of falling in love with their synthy-sweet debut single “With You”. Thankfully, they didn’t keep us waiting for all too long before the release of their soul-soothing Indie hit “Only the Good Times Matter”.

If we’re all being honest with ourselves, our playlists could all do with a little bit more wholesome Indie Pop on them right now. And that’s just what Mute the TV’s anthemically exuberant hit achieves. We’ve all had three months in stasis to decide on what really matters, and I have to say I’m with Mute the TV on this one.

With sonic synth lines and super-charged Indie Rock riffs in a well-rounded and practically effervescent instrumental arrangement, Only the Good Times matter efficaciously feeds you organic feel-good vibes. Existentialism is out, optimism is in.

You can check out Only the Good Times Matter for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Vvolla – Never Untrue: Blissfully Resolving Neo-Soul Pop Served with a Twist of Psych

Irish fourpiece Vvolla has made their debut with the blissfully resolving Neo-Soul Pop single “Never Untrue”. Within it, you’ll find layers of beguilingly nostalgic tonal warmth paired with Emily Lannin’s distinctively alluring vocal dynamic.  Vvolla makes it all too easy to feel right at home in the Jazz-soaked melodies in Never Untrue. Even from the first hit.

I especially appreciated the Blues Rock guitar solos which take the soundscape to the next level thanks to the nuances of psychedelia which were definitely unexpected after ingesting the chorally sweet accordance which led up to the kaleidoscopic solo.

You can check out Vvolla’s single Never Untrue for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast